A solid oak collection that explores the way different cultures relate to the act of resting.

Sitting is an action most people perform without thinking. And while that is true for all cultures, how people sit and rest can vary from one country to another. This is the concept that lies at the heart of the Low Collection. Created by Benni Allan, founder of architecture and design practice EBBA, this series explores the ways different cultures have different relationships to the act of sitting and resting. Inspired by his travels in Japan, China, and southern Spain, the architect and designer created the furniture collection with curved shapes and various heights. Straddling the border between art and function, the seating is also part organic and part rational.

Sculptural and bold, the pieces of furniture feature clean lines and rounded forms. To craft the designs, Benni Allan used solid oak as well as a blend of traditional and modern techniques. The natural material becomes the centerpiece of the designs thanks to its quality end-grain, cross-cuts, and distinctive textures. Crafted with new machining technologies that allowed the designer to create precise geometries, each piece of furniture is then finished by hand. The studio has exhibited the Low Collection at the Béton Brut gallery in London. The design and art gallery also represents the collection. Photography © Gareth Hacker and Jake Curtis. Styling by Nina Lilli Holden.

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