Experience Elegant Urban Escapes Amidst Shenzhen’s Natural Wonders

GS Design continues to prioritize “spatial experiences” by reimagining the concept of an “Elegant Vacation.” By integrating the building with its surroundings and the brand’s values, the designers unlock the connection between rational space and perceptual experiences. They explore this relationship through color, light, display, installation, and art, examining how people perceive space and reinterpreting the essence of the “Sharing Economy.”

Situated in Nan’ao Subdistrict, Shenzhen, China the Blue and White Island Pool Homestay is a collaborative creation between Miyue and GS Design. The partnership focuses on the intersection of architecture and quality living, resulting in an innovative urban vacation model. The design of the resort differentiates itself from other homestays with its emphasis on functionality. The building’s architecture incorporates visual thinking and multidimensional windows, seamlessly integrating the natural landscape into the interior. The public dining area features natural bamboo and wood materials, with a black bamboo bar adding a serene and mysterious touch.

The core concept of “Elegant Vacation” is evident throughout the space. The building’s primary color is pure white, complemented by the blue hues of the sea and sky, evoking a relaxed, exotic vacation experience. This design aims to convey a sense of immersion in nature and extend a warm welcome to travelers. The design caters not only to aesthetics but also functionality, with shared dining spaces, a water bar, a reading and leisure area, and a conference room. The integration of outdoor landscapes and appropriately-scaled furniture ensures an optimal experience for guests, further enhancing the atmosphere of an “Elegant Vacation.”

This project features 25 distinct rooms, each with its own unique view and private space, maximizing the brand’s value and potential for future growth. The designers also cater to families with children, incorporating elements that evoke fond childhood memories, such as triangular roof designs, playful windows, and Japanese tatami mats. The resort encourages guests to find tranquility and connect with themselves amidst the surrounding natural beauty. The cave baths blend privacy with an open connection to nature, offering guests the opportunity to enjoy stunning views and the serenity of being one with the environment.

Each room’s window is thoughtfully designed to frame the natural landscape, while the expansive terrace pool captures the beauty of shifting light and shadows. These immersive experiences offer guests endless nourishment for the body and mind, fostering a deeper connection with nature. The designers explore different materials to enhance guests’ sensory experiences, creating an even more refined sense of relaxation. The interior design features pure and subtle colors that seamlessly incorporate nature throughout the space, embodying simplicity and freedom.

Connecting daily life and leisure through design, the designers aim to ignite an innate desire for urban vacations. The resort brings the natural world into the elegant vacation experience, transcending cultural and regional boundaries. With its focus on design, the Blue & White Cliffside Resort offers a fresh perspective on urban vacations, fostering personal growth and a deeper appreciation for life’s simple pleasures.

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