An award-winning, sustainable flatware collection inspired by disposable cutlery.

German brand Mono has been making flatware, kitchen utensils and accessories since 1959. From the very beginning, the company focused on making products that blend flawless traditional craftsmanship, sustainable design, and high-quality materials, and this has still remained its mission even with the arrival of the digital age. We’ve previously wrote about the Mono Ring, an iconic range designed in 1962, and about SK59, a collection of state-of-the-art, sculptural knives. Now, after more than 20 years, Mono has launched a new flatware concept, Mono V.

Created in a collaboration between the company and Berlin-based designer Mark Braun, Mono V takes inspiration from an unlikely muse: disposable cutlery. More specifically, from the minimal use of materials and low-cost production methods to offer optimal function. These disposable products also provide stability and firmness through simple forms. However, Mono V maintains the company’s high standards of quality. The simplicity of the design also makes this flatware collection look timeless.

An elegant detail that also enhances function and ergonomics.

Mono V takes its name after the V-embossing of the handle, which gives each product a distinctive look and provides stability at the same time. This detail also highlights the contrast between angular and organic shapes. The V shape enhances the ergonomics of the flatware, making each piece a pleasure to hold. As all products from the collection have this design, they’re easy to stack to save storage space. Additionally, Mono V minimizes waste with a clever use of extra-thin steel. Manufactured in Mono’s factory in Mettmann, Germany, the flatware is stamped from 1.5mm thin stainless steel, which saves both time and materials during production. Every product then receives a hand-applied finish. Additionally, the knives go through a special process to ensure their sharpness even after years of use.

The Mono V collection comprises six pieces: a table spoon, teaspoon, espresso spoon, table fork, dessert fork, and table knife. The company offers the range in individual pieces or in sets, with a limited-edition first batch series also available. Finally, the collection comes with the Mono Service professional refurbishing option. This means that users can transform even extensively used products into flatware that looks like new. Launched in 2022, the Mono V collection has received the German Design Award Gold 2023. Photographs © Mono.

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