An innovative e-bike designed with a modular build and flexible parts.

As urban commuting on two wheels becomes increasingly popular, more and more bikes feature ingenious designs that appeal especially to urban dwellers. Yet even in a crowded market, the Pendler stands out. Created by London design agency Layer Design, this electric bicycle takes inspiration from Denmark’s long tradition of cycling, with the name translating to “commuting” in Danish. Right from the start, the U-shaped frame makes a lasting impression.

Both eye-catching and practical, the symmetrical frame allows riders to ‘step through’, regardless of their mobility or clothing. “We believe easy, everyday travel should be for everybody – and our aim with Pendler was to envisage a safer, more convenient and effortless mode of personal transport to enable independence for commuting in the city. The result is an intelligently designed e-bike that is inclusive, easy to store in compact urban spaces, and balances high performance with a desirable, crafted aesthetic,” says Benjamin Hubert, studio founder.

Clever details for optimal comfort, safety, and function.

Compact but powerful, Pendler brings together high-performance technology and functionality in a stylish design that makes urban commuting easier and more comfortable. The bike has a compact wheelbase and 20-inch wheels, for easy storage and more convenience while traveling. Furthermore, the pedals fold and the handles turn to a 90-degree angle. This means that the bicycle takes up minimal floor space in a home.

Made with a modular design, Pendler comes with detachable accessories that greatly enhance day to day functionality. For example, riders can add front and rear baskets that feature a wood base, wire frames, and adjustable straps. A phone dock is also available. In terms of materials, Pendler pairs a circular steel tube frame with a leather saddle and handles. A battery powers the indicator lights on the handlebar and at the front and rear, making each ride safer. The bike comes with a 45Nm rear hub motor and a removable 250Wh battery. Together, they ensure a top speed of 25 km per hour or 15.5 miles per hour. Finally, a fully charged battery provides enough juice for a 70 km or 43 mile trip. Photographs © Layer Design.

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