The Pronto – A Bike Specifically Designed To Make Daily Commutes Faster, Easier And Better

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In recent years, there’s been an influx of designs on the market, offering a multitude of choices. Yet in a sea of bicycles created to suit specific needs, Linus Bike stands out. Not through extravagant features, flashy colors and weird shapes, ultra high-tech futuristic gadgets, or superfluous additions that may look good on paper yet not so good in the real world, but through a quiet determination to create a simple, elegant and high-quality bike that does one thing and does it righ

Converting Americans from being drivers to being in love with commuting on a bicycle is certainly a noble and worthwhile mission.

It takes you from point A to point B in complete comfort. It’s the kind of bike you can always rely on to take you where you need to go. To make things more interesting, the company gave its initial collection of bikes a chic retro look which takes design cues from the refined French bicycles of the 1950s and 1960s. A perfect blend of function and style, with a healthy dose of comfort and reliability.

Now the California-based company has crafted its most ambitious and performance-driven model yet: The Pronto, aka the ideal commuting bike. But this is not just an elegant bicycle that’s a pleasure to ride through city streets. Every design choice has a clear reason behind it, from the color to the chosen materials and down to the shape of the grips.

First, the frame. It’s made out of premium aluminum alloy which offers several advantages. It’s lightweight, rust-proof and stiffer than steel. This means that Pronto is faster and more enjoyable to ride daily to and from work, but also allows the owner to relax even if the bike is left outside in pouring rain. Since the frame won’t rust, the bike will have a significantly longer lifespan than other models and won’t require pricey repairs.

Second, the grips. Designed with an elegantly tapered shape to fit hands perfectly, they also absorb shocks to make cycling smooth. Thanks to their superior wrist support, they’ll make riding less stressful on the body and more pleasant, which is crucial on longer commutes.

Third, the all-important fenders – the bike’s first defense against sleet, snow and rain. Like the frame, they’re made of aluminum alloy, which means that they won’t rust. Custom fit and created with an attractive as well as practical beveled design, the fenders will minimize splashes, helping to protect the clothing – and the dignity – of commuters who cycle to work through the rain.

Last but certainly not least, the color. Modern and elegant, the matte Indigo paint gives Pronto a stylish appearance. There’s logic behind this choice, apart from the versatility of the tone. The understated color makes the bicycle blend in more easily into an urban environment and reduces the danger of theft compared to flashier designs. Owners can have the peace of mind knowing their beloved ride will be waiting for them as they finish work. That said, the bicycle features subtle but chic Orange-Red or Champagne pinstripe accents which lend it a distinctive charm and elevate it above bikes designed with a simple monochromatic palette. As a final touch – and proof of an impressive attention to detail – the company modified its official logo slightly to complement Pronto’s design.

The recently launched 8-speed Pronto bike is available for both men and women. The former version comes in four frame sizes: small, medium, large, and x-large, while the latter offers a choice between three frame options. On the official website you can find out more about the brand and also discover a wide range of accessories to make your commute even better.

One of the biggest surprises of the launch comes with the price. At $669, this beautiful urban bicycle provides the perfect combination of style, quality and affordability. It might be the ideal design for those who have not yet converted to the cause of making their daily commute green and healthy. As they say, even ambitious journeys start with a first step. Or in this case, with a first cycle to work. Images courtesy of Linus Bike.

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