Elegant brushes specially designed to safely clean vinyl records and look great alongside a high-end turntable.

Berlin-based hi-fi accessory brand Ramar makes products for people who love innovation but also value traditional craftsmanship. The Ramar series of vinyl record brushes is a great example of the company’s approach to design. Created by brand founder Rangel Vasev, the brushes are elegant and ingenious at the same time. They feature specially designed, six double rows of carbon fibers and two rows of goat hair. This combination of materials and the specific layout of the bristle rows ensures excellent dust removal as well as optimal dissipation of any existing electrostatic charge. As the user brushes the surface of a vinyl record, the bristles pick up everything from the grooves, from fine dust to larger particles. Apart from removing electrostatic charges, the brushes also prevent their formation during the cleaning process.

Made from solid wood, the handles have an oiled finish that makes the natural material resistant to abrasion and dirt. Handcrafted in the brand’s Berlin workshop, the brushes feature handles milled from a single piece of wood and bristle covers made of aluminum with electroless nickel. The series comprises the walnut Tina, cherry tree Red, and ash wood Joni. Each brush has a serial number and comes with a wooden case, stylus brush, two cleaning pads, and storage box. Ramar also offers a maintenance service, which means that the users can renew the fibers when needed. Tina has received a Special Mention in the category Excellent Product Design — Entertainment at the 2021 German Design Award. Photographs© Ramar.

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