The Roe & Co Japanese Sugi Whiskey

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An award-winning, limited-edition Irish whiskey made with a Japanese twist.

Based in Dublin, Roe & Co is a modern distillery that celebrates the past while looking towards the future. The distillery takes its name after George Roe & Co, a company that helped build the golden age of Irish whiskey in the 19th century. The largest exporter of whiskey in Ireland at the time, the distillery closed its doors in 1926. Roe & Co represents a new era in the history of Irish whiskey and it doesn’t shy away from innovation. Take their limited-edition Roe & Co Japanese Sugi whiskey, for example. Made using an innovative method and Japanese Sugi (cedar) wood, this award-winning spirit boasts a distinctive flavor profile.

To make this premium blend, the distillery used a rare wood – in a first for Irish whiskey: Japanese Sugi wood. The team also used a unique maturation process. Adding five elongated bungs of lightly toasted Japanese Sugi to each cask, the distillery infused the spirit with both toasted sandalwood and a rich blend of spice notes. Flavors include lychee and pineapple mint as well as orris root, vanilla, matcha, spiced fruits, and treacle toffee. The Roe & Co Japanese Sugi whiskey has received the gold award at the Spirits Business Irish Whiskey Masters 2021. The limited-edition series is available to order exclusively from the Roe & Co online store at a price of €80, or around $90. Photography© Roe & Co Whiskey.

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