Good design can make any part of a home better, even laundry storage. In recent years, more and more renowned brands and talented designers have begun reinventing the humble home accessories as simple, beautiful objects. Previously hidden from sight, laundry baskets now take pride of place in bathrooms and bedrooms. We have gathered a list of the best laundry baskets, so you can easily find the right one for your needs. From modern to classically elegant, these designs will bring more style to your home and will also transform doing the laundry into an easier chore.

What are the best laundry baskets?

The best laundry baskets should offer a balance between function, style, and durability. Often used in a bedroom or placed close at hand in a bathroom, laundry hampers become a part of your home’s décor – and they should look the part. Thankfully, there are plenty of beautifully designed products to choose from that are as practical as they are elegant.

How do I choose a laundry basket?

When buying a laundry basket, you should keep in mind a few crucial features. While you can find a fantastic product that doesn’t check all of these boxes, it’s a good idea to follow these tips:

  • Look for a basket with sturdy handles that can handle the weight of a full laundry hamper. A must especially in a family home.
  • Ventilation is important if you’re using the hamper for clean laundry.
  • A rectangular shape fits nicely in a corner. This shape also allows you to stack folded clothes neatly.
  • Cylindrical hampers are great for a two—people household or spacious rooms.
  • Keep in mind that hampers that have an ergonomic design that curves around the hip will make stacking clothing more difficult.

What size is a standard hamper?

It’s difficult to say the precise size of a standard laundry hamper, as designs vary widely. For rectangular shapes, it’s common to find baskets that measure from 10-15’’ in length to 12-17’’ in width and 20-24’’ in height. In practical terms, a laundry basket should hold at least one full load of clothes for washing.

Should you clean your laundry basket?

Whether you use your laundry basket for dirty or clean clothing, you should clean it regularly. Use antibacterial wipes to remove germs and bacteria or wash the hamper with soap and warm water. Some baskets come with interior liners, which make cleaning even easier. After cleaning the laundry hamper, always make sure it is completely dry before use.

The Best Laundry Baskets

Blending style and function, our selection of modern laundry baskets provides an elegant solution to store clothes before or after washing. From modular hampers you can stack to folding baskets you can easily store in a drawer or practical designs with two separate compartments, here you will find the best laundry baskets for your home. Read on to discover your new favorite design.


Karimoku Color Bin

A chestnut wood basket.

Designed by Scholten & Baijings for Karimoku, the Color Bin series celebrates traditional craftsmanship with an ingenious build. Assembled from individual chestnut wood laths, the bin features concealed joints milled with a 3D CNC cutting machine. As a result, these laundry baskets have a clean, minimalist look. A leather lug on the lid provides an easy way to open and close the bin. Perfect for laundry, this bin is also suitable for different uses, including as a container or as a wastepaper basket in a home office.

Laundry Double

An Italian design that blends style and sustainability.

Leave it to the Italians to make laundry baskets look ultra-stylish. Made by Italian brand Cipì, the Laundry Double basket looks great – whether it’s in use and open or folded neatly for storage. The washable and waterproof cotton fabric also features fibers from recycled plastic bottles, giving extra strength to the textile. The two pockets extend to offer two separate compartments where the user can conveniently divide light and dark colors. A lacquered bamboo frame complements the Navy color of the material and provides excellent support to a full laundry basket.

The Sleep Shirt Canvas Basket

Minimalist and versatile.

Featuring a simple design, this Canvas Basket from The Sleep Shirt is ideal for laundry or holding a blanket or extra bedding in a bedroom. The hamper is made of 100% cotton and features Blue Oxford Stripe fabric as lining. Sturdy and practical, these modern laundry baskets stand on their own and keep their shape when filled. Thanks to the flexible textile materials, the user can simply fold the hamper for storage. Made in Canada, the Canvas Basket is versatile and durable. Plus, its minimalist design ensures that it will look great anywhere.

Moss Double Laundry Basket

A convenient and stylish laundry storage solution.

Part of MADE’s Moss collection, this hamper provides a convenient storage solution but also brings industrial style to modern living spaces. Crafted from soft canvas and metal, these elegant laundry baskets are as stylish as they are practical. The Moss Double Laundry Basket offers an easy way to separate colors thanks to its two large compartments. The canvas bag is also easy to detach from the wire frame, for more convenience. Completed with a matte black finish, the metal structure adds an industrial accent to the design.

Mia Mélange Laundry Baskets

Vibrant designs to brighten your home.

Meet the unique laundry baskets that you’ll love to leave out on display. Designed by Mia Mélange, the Celebrate Spring & Summer collection marks the return of sunshine and warmth after a long winter. These laundry baskets feature an ingenious build with rope made from two different materials. While the bottom section in bright colors is made of strong polyester, the ivory rope is crafted from 100% cotton sourced from South Africa. Sewn together using a coiling technique, these rope hampers are sturdy and adaptable to different needs. Perfect to use as laundry baskets and towel storage or even as toy storage in a child’s room or living room.

Zone Denmark Laundry Bag

A 2-in-1 design that adapts to different needs.

Designed by VE2 for Zone Denmark, this laundry bag draws inspiration from totes and weekend bags. It features a simple design with an ingenious detail: the top features an opening for items but it also functions as a handle. The user can thus easily take the laundry bag to the washing machine when needed. Alternatively, they can use it as a beach bag or weekend bag. Made from tough polyester, the bag is durable as well as easy to clean. Available in neutral, versatile color options that range from Black and White to Grey, Soft Grey, and Nude.

Aquanova Lubin

Stylish laundry baskets made with leather detailing.

Part of the Aquanova collection, the Lubin laundry baskets combine style and function. This laundry bin is elegant and simple, meaning that it will take pride of place in a room. Made from a quality fabric with a cotton and polyester blend, the bin also features leather handles and leather detailing. A vintage print graphic adds a beautiful finishing touch to the design. The liner is conveniently removable and thus easy to wash in the washing machine as needed. These elegant laundry baskets come in Black, White, Silver Gray, and Beige colors.

Aquanova Rudon

A woven basket with leather handles.

Completed with a woven design, the Aquanova Rudon laundry basket offers a modern take on rustic baskets. Crafted from 50% cotton and 50% polyester, this basket is hard-wearing and durable as well as versatile. It comes with two leather handles and doesn’t require support sticks, as it stands on its own. The compartment has a capacity of 53 liters, making this product ideal for laundry or for storing extra bedding or a blanket in a bedroom. You can choose between two colors: Beige and Gray. Both versions feature leather handles with a warm brown color.

Canvas Carry Basket

A practical design with casters.

Not all the modern laundry baskets from our list are made from textiles only. This design from Steel Canvas Basket Corp. features a metal frame and four casters. Easy to move from one room to another, the basket is also conveniently elevated to make placing and taking laundry as comfortable and as efficient as possible. Spacious and practical, the Canvas Carry Basket is also compact enough to fit in a laundry room or bathroom. Proudly manufactured in the US, every product is made to order.

Canvas Laundry Storage Tote

Simple storage solutions inspired by tote bags.

The best laundry baskets combine function and versatility. This bag from the L. L. Bean collection is a great example. Inspired by tote bags, the laundry basket has dual web handles and a round base. The 100% cotton material is sturdy and durable as well as easy to clean and keep spotless. A reinforced bottom prolongs the life of these modern laundry baskets and makes them suitable for carrying other items like toys. This bag comes in Frost Gray and Natural color options. Plus, the brand offers a customization service, providing an easy way to add a monogram or a text of up to 10 characters.

Dacarr by Muubs

A laundry basket made from recycled tires.

The best laundry baskets are practical and elegant as well as eco-friendly. Dacarr by Muubs stands out in our list of modern laundry baskets with an upcycled rubber material. The upcycled car tire not only has a beautiful texture, but it also makes this laundry basket suitable for any space, whether indoors of outdoors. Dacarr features stitching in a contrasting white color on the bottom and side of the black rubber material. The surface is also easy to clean, for more convenience. Designed specifically for laundry, this basket has a spacious interior and a rounded form.

Jaipur Laundry Basket

A steel basket with a raw design.

Unlike many products from our list of elegant laundry baskets made of different textiles, Jaipur features an all-metal build. This House Doctor design is minimalist and practical. The wire structure provides plenty of storage space and also allows the user to see the contents at a glance, two handles make it easy to move the basket around the house. Great for laundry, Jaipur will be a nice addition to any room due to its raw and industrial design and will be a practical detail that can contain anything from laundry to toys.

House Doctor’s Drum Baskets

Three elegant laundry baskets made of natural fibers.

Rustic and modern at the same time, this House Doctor set of baskets offers an elegant solution to store laundry. Each named Drum, the baskets are crafted from jute. They feature a natural texture and a unique pattern with a black color. Available in a set, these unique baskets have different sizes and provide a convenient way to separate colors and different types of laundry. It is also suitable for any space, whether indoors or outdoors.

Rectangular Laundry Bag

A quick-drop opening for easy access.

Designed with a convenient quick-drop opening, the Brabantia Rectangular Laundry Bag will save you time as you won’t have to open the lid every time you want to toss in some laundry. These elegant laundry baskets have a rectangular shape that fits neatly in a corner or alongside a wall. The textile material is flexible and sturdy at the same time. As the top folds neatly into the handles, it’s easy to take laundry out of the basket for the washing machine. This laundry bag also has a large capacity of 55 liters, making it perfect for a household of laundry.

Brabantia Bo Laundry Bin

One of the most stylish laundry bins you can buy.

Inspired by cabinets, the Brabantia Bo Laundry Bin receives high marks for style. However, this laundry bin is also incredibly practical. It features a quick-door opening design that makes it easy to place laundry inside and it comes with not one, but two compartments to easily separate colors. Other features include smart ventilation holes, a removable lid, and legs that elevate the laundry basket to a comfortable height for your back. Plus, the Brabantia Bo Laundry Bin Hi is also made with sustainability in mind as it features 25% recycled materials.

Serena & Lily Petaluma Hamper

A handwoven bamboo hamper.

Stylish and practical, the Serena & Lily Petaluma Hamper features a handwoven build with a classic chevron pattern. Made of bamboo, these unique laundry baskets are as durable and sturdy as they are beautiful. The rectangular silhouette makes the hamper easy to store, while the generously sized interior offers plenty of space for laundry. Inside, there’s a removable canvas liner you can easily wash as needed. As for the basket itself, it only requires occasional wiping with a soft dry cloth. The Petaluma Hamper has a natural color and comes in two sizes, single and double.

Kept Hamper

Soft fabrics meet leather and steel.

Just one glance at the Kept Hamper, and it’s instantly obvious that this is not an ordinary laundry basket. Designed by Mavis & Osborn, this laundry hamper features a recycled steel frame that supports a natural linen or canvas textile with a cotton canvas liner. Aged leather detailing completes the design. Made in New Zealand and the US, the hamper is also crafted with sustainable and ethical manufacturing methods. Available in Black and White, these modern laundry baskets are 29.75″ tall and measure 14.5″  in diameter.

Hay Laundry Basket

A classic design that puts a focus on function.

Designed by Swiss design studio Big-Game for Danish brand Hay, this product offers a great blend of simplicity and multifunctional design. Named Laundry Basket, the hamper features a durable and sturdy build. The plastic material is not only easy to clean and long-lasting, but it also makes the hamper lightweight and easy to move from one room to another. The design also allows you to see the contents of the bin at a glance. Perfect for laundry, the basket is also ideal for toy or towel storage. Made in two sizes, the Hay Laundry Basket comes in subtle, neutral colors.

Mercado Laundry Basket Set

Elegant laundry baskets made of palm leaves.

The Cityzenry Mercado Laundry Basket draws inspiration from rustic designs but looks modern thanks to its tapered silhouette and large size. Handwoven from palm leaves, the baskets have a beautiful texture and a light, warm color. The set comes with two large hampers same size for dark and light colors, a lid with a leather handle on top completes the design of the two. The open medium hamper has two leather handles that ensure easy portability around the house.

Herman Laundry Stand

A metal and canvas laundry hamper.

Copenhagen-based Ferm Living makes home accessories with a blend of Scandinavian design and traditional craftsmanship. Their Herman Laundry Stand also features a vintage-style design. Made with a black, powder-coated metal frame, this laundry hamper comes with a natural cotton canvas fabric with a leather detail. A natural leather string and brass bolts keep the structure together. A great example of modern and vintage design influences, these are the best laundry baskets for design lovers who have a soft spot for Nordic minimalism.

Braided Laundry Basket

Hand-braided rattan baskets with natural colors.

The Braided Laundry Basket from Ferm Living is versatile and elegant at the same time. It features an extra tall design for more storage space and has two large handles for easy portability. Made from natural rattan with a hand-braided technique, these unique laundry baskets vary slightly and each product is one of a kind. The timeless and subtly rustic design fits into modern bathrooms and bedrooms with ease. This hamper measures 16.54 inches in diameter and reaches a height of 31.50 inches.

Puebco Wire Basket

A minimalist and practical design.

Sometimes, a simple design provides the perfect laundry storage solution. Like this wire basket from Puebco. Designed with a steel frame and a black finish, this product has an industrial style that will look at home virtually anywhere, from minimalist bathrooms to eclectic bedrooms. The cotton laundry bag has a drawstring closure and fits neatly inside the wire structure. The fabric is also easy to clean when needed. Available in two sizes, the Puebco Wire Basket comes in medium and large versions.

Lapo Laundry Bag

A paper and organic cotton hamper.

The best laundry baskets offer a bit more than just space to store laundry. This Lapo Laundry Bag is a great example. Made from washable paper and organic linen, this bag has a drawstring closure and a reusable and removable tag that allows you to mark the contents as white or colored clothing. The upper part of organic linen is made in Italy, while the two cotton handles feature up to 85% recycled cotton. While we love the clean White version of this laundry bag, you can also find it in Gray and in a warm Avana color.

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