Swimming with Whales in Iceland, A Rare Travel Experience

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An immersive, unforgettable adventure in northern Iceland.

High-end travel company Black Tomato specializes in immersive experiences that bring travelers closer to nature. Their 2021 packages include a bucket list-worthy itinerary: swimming with humpback whales under the midnight sun in northern Iceland. The kind of holiday one remembers fondly for a lifetime, this experience provides a rare opportunity to swim with the beloved ocean giants in a truly mesmerizing landscape.

Only available from June to early August 2021, this tour will take travelers close to the majestic creatures as they migrate from the Caribbean to the cold waters of Iceland to feed. The itinerary includes some spectacular places and activities in both wild settings and spots frequented by locals. The trip brings travelers to Iceland’s northern coastline where they will encounter a fjord-carved landscape. Jetskis will allow access to dramatic settings where one can admire majestic cliffs as well as local wildlife.

On another day, a trip to the arctic island of Grimsey will introduce travelers to the secluded cove of Básavík. While there, they will also have the chance to observe the feeding rituals of puffins. The highlight of the tour, the swimming session will take place in the penultimate evening in Iceland. Travelers will join a marine guide at Strytan, who will prepare them for a once in a lifetime aquatic experience. Heading out into the Eyjafjörður fjord, they will enter an area where whales come to feed. Then, they will plunge into the cool water to swim alongside the gentle giants. A warm thermal bath will await them afterwards, followed by a two-hour whale watching session.

Other activities of this tour include a journey to the Lofthellir ice cave as well as wellness treatments at the Blue Lagoon retreat and a fun hot tub soaking experience in Icelandic craft beer. Photographs© Black Tomato.

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