The Best Modern Prefab Cabins You Can Buy

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We’ve written about the fantastic range of prefab houses you can currently buy, but what if you prefer a more compact living space that blends even easier in a natural landscape? This selection of modern prefab cabins provides the answer. Created by both established and new companies and architecture studios, these cabins offer the opportunity to create your ideal weekend and holiday retreat in the setting of your choice. Whether you’d love to build a shelter near a lake, in a meadow, or close to the beach, you can discover a range of prefab cabins for sale included on this page. Designs range from simple and compact to modular, but these cabins also come with a huge array of customization options.

The Best Modern Prefab Cabins You Can Buy



The playfully named AYFRAYM is an A-frame cabin that looks like the world’s coziest woodland cottage. The simple design references the beloved vacation homes of the 1960s. It features vaulted ceilings with wooden beams, large windows that flood the interior with natural light, and huge cedar decks that provide the perfect space for outdoor furniture. More spacious than it seems from the outside, AYFRAYM can sleep up to eight people and comprises three bedrooms (including a bunk room), two bathrooms, and a loft area.

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Indigo by Woon Pioniers

Developed by Woonpioniers, Indigo is a modular system that allows users to easily create customized modern prefab cabins. You can choose between different unit designs and create a smaller or a larger space. The possibilities are almost endless, ranging from compact art studios to weekend retreats, or family homes. On top of this, Woonpioniers uses a holistic approach to both design and architecture. The team puts a focus on modular systems, bio materials, energy efficiency, and integrating the structures into landscapes in a natural, unobtrusive way.

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Koto Design

If you love contemporary design, the prefab cabins for sale at Koto Design are the perfect choice. Minimalist and bold at the same time, these cabins feature simple geometric volumes with larch cladding, covered terraces, underfloor heating, and skylights. The studio’s modern prefab cabins include a compact volume that is ideal for a couple for weekend getaways and short-term stays, and a larger cabin with one or two bedrooms plus living room and dining room. Of course, Koto also offers a range of customization options, from adding hidden sleeping areas and storage to landscape design and charred cladding.

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The ÁPH80 series from ÁBATON highlights the concept of comfortable shelter with a design that allows the user to close the cabin completely as needed. Featuring a modern twist on the classic gabled roof house, the cabin boasts gray cement wood board cladding and a timber structure. Flexible panels open or close the interior to the outside world. Inside, the studio kept things simple and cozy with a double bedroom, a bathroom, and a living room and a kitchen in the center. The interior features Spanish fir wood surfaces completed with a white finish to brighten the living spaces further

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Duo Series by Avrame

Like the AYFRAYM, the Duo Series of modern prefab cabins features a classic A-frame design. Duo 57 is the smaller version of the series but provides plenty of space for a cozy retreat for two. The ground floor includes the kitchen, living room, and bathroom, while the loft houses the sleeping area. The entire process, from choosing the design and adding custom features and up to the installation and cabin warming party can last only four months.

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mOne by

If you’re looking for modern prefab cabins that are also self-sustainable and ready for off-the-grid living, the mOne model from is the one you’ll need. The compact cabin uses solar energy for heating, electricity, and cooling systems. It’s about 20 times more energy-efficient than standard homes in the US and it also comes with a cloud-based diagnostic system that can detect maintenance issues well before they become a problem. The mOne cabin is 100% equipped and doesn’t require building permits. Plus, the 3-D composite polymer frame can withstand earthquakes and hurricanes.

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Backcountry Hut Company

An award-winning design, the Backcountry Hut Company series has received the 2016 Canadian Architect Award of Excellence. The studio’s range of prefab cabins for sale features three modular designs that allow you to increase the floor area as needed. These prefab structures are not only simple and efficiently designed, they’re also made with eco-friendly materials, FSC-certified wood, and recyclable components. You can plan your dream cabin by starting with the base model that features a covered entrance and sleeping spaces for 2-4 people. For the finishing touches, the company collaborates with designers who can take your retreat to the next level.

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Designed by Mandalaki studio in Rhodes, Greece, Monocabin recreates the tranquil feel of a holiday house from a coastal landscape. These minimalist, modern prefab cabins feature a bright white exterior that reference vernacular architecture, but they have a distinctly contemporary design. Apart from the modular build, hemp walls, solar panels, and sustainable materials give the structures an eco-friendly twist. The studio maximized both the connection to nature and natural light with large windows and skylights. Monocabin comes in four models and the production time is only 3 months,

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Cabin One

Cabin One puts a focus on minimal, simple living. The design is modern and versatile, with several packages you can choose from, starting with the base model. Made with a wooden shell, this option includes a bathroom and plenty of space to add your own design touches. Optional features include adding a skylight over the bed, bunk beds for more sleeping spaces, or space-saving storage areas. Smart home systems, appliances, and furniture from partner designers are also available.

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Duo by Drop Structures

Drop Structures has 15 years of building experience, which shows in the excellent quality of their modern prefab cabins. Their Duo design expands the popular Mono cabin design with extra floor area. While more spacious, the cabin keeps the gabled roof design of the original, along with the large glass entrance. Built to handle any weather conditions as well as all four seasons in style, Duo features a maintenance free metal exterior and a fully insulated envelope. The standard model includes a cedar wood deck, Baltic birch interior, wet bar, bathroom, and electric heating, while optional features range from extra windows, skylights, and custom blinds. If you’re searching for prefab cabins for sale in North America, Duo may be the perfect choice for you.

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Founded by a team of creatives who love design as much as they love the outdoors, Bivvi is a Portland-based company that makes prefab cabins with a simple A-frame design. Compact but cozy, the cabins feature cedar siding, a metal roof, and a triangular window. Customers can choose the interior finishes, the best electrical package for their needs, and whether they prefer a trailer-friendly mobile design or a permanent cabin. The Bivvi prefab cabins suits various uses, from a retreat in nature to an office space in the garden.

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