The Mottainai No. 1 Sunglasses

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The Mottainai brand takes its name after an old Buddhist word which expresses the belief that every object has a soul and should be cherished. The first product launched by the company is a unique pair of sunglasses that aims to celebrate life. The Mottainai No. 1 design is accompanied by a vintage collection of original photographs illustrating the transience of human existence in an eerie early 20th century take on Vanitas art. Timeless, modern, and stylish, the sunglasses were created in a three-year refining process by optical expert Bijan Azami, and the result is truly unique.

Across the interior, the words “In momento – In ictu oculi” or “In this moment, in the blink of an eye”, are engraved in a golden tone, alongside the name and product number.

Made of natural buffalo horn in multiple layers, the frames are handcrafted in Germany and sanded to enhance the grain and texture and to lend the surface a subtle vintage patina. Each pair of sunglasses is finished by hand and hand-numbered. Across the interior, the words “In momento – In ictu oculi” or “In this moment, in the blink of an eye”, are engraved in a golden tone, alongside the name and product number. Gold-mirrored Hoya lenses complete the design and complement the brown color of the frame beautifully. Each pair comes in a wooden box that has been plated with black buffalo horn boasting golden engravings. Keeping in line with the philosophy of the brand, the box contains a paper weight made of excess and waste material, and a golden sac containing surplus of the production process, meant to be scattered over soil to nourish plants and to allow new life to flourish. The story of the brand, a travel case, postcards, and polishing cream are also included. Designed to last a lifetime, Mottainai No.1 will age with their owner, gaining more character and natural beauty over time. Photography by Rene Mesman.

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