The Water Tank Project

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While traveling in Ethiopia, filmmaker Mary Jordan drank contaminated water and fell sick, an all-to-common occurrence in the village she visited. Local women helped her regain strength and, learning that she lived in New York City, asked her to raise awareness about the global water crisis. To thank them, Jordan founded Word Above the Street, a health education nonprofit based in NYC. Its big initiative, The Water Tank Project, is now bringing art to 100 water tanks in all five boroughs. The campaign features art by people such as Jeff Koons, Maya Lin, Fab 5 Freddy, and public school students. As the project unveils, educational programs, informative tours, and a water issues symposium will be announced and available to the public, bridging a gap between American and African activisms.



Holly is a poet from Kentucky. She grew up first in a Sears house, then on a farm. She studied English and Gender Studies at Mount Holyoke College and moved to Manhattan for love. As an occasional jewelry-maker and museum patron, Holly favors wearable and functional design but is eager to see work that challenges her aesthetics. Read more and connect by visiting her blog, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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