A series of mesmerizing paintings that explore layers of movement.

Born in 1989 in London, England, and now based in New York City, Joe Henry Baker is a versatile creative who works across a wide range of disciplines, from painting and sculpture to furniture and graphic design. His abstract artworks are both enigmatic and simple; ethereal and raw; personal yet universal. Using fabric dyes and acrylics, Joe Henry Baker creates paintings with an alla prima (wet on wet) technique, often in one sitting. This method involves keeping a balance between control and chance, with the artist allowing the work to evolve naturally. Experimentation and intent thus merge in the artist’s creative process. On view at Studio Zung, STRATA is a fascinating exhibition that brings together 10 of the artist’s latest paintings.

Named after the word “stratum”, which refers to rock and mineral layers, the series of artworks explores layers of movement. Multilayered and indivisible at the same time, the works feature contrasting elements that paint facets of the same landscape. The abstract paintings are organic and primal, showcasing layers that create the illusion of movement. Brush strokes and natural forms give structure and a dynamic expression to the works. The STRATA exhibition is on view at Studio Zung’s gallery space at 41 Grand Street until the 2nd of December, 2022. Art lovers can purchase the paintings on a first come first served basis, with international and domestic shipping options available. Photographs © Brock Dehaven, Adrian Gaut. Images courtesy of Studio Zung.

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