Origin Tree House

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A special kind of hotel.

The perfect getaway, Origin Tree House welcomes its guests into the middle of a charming forest, on the grounds of the Château de Raray castle. Designed by Paris-based Atelier Lavit for Cabanes Nature et Spa, this hotel room in northern France celebrates nature via modern design. This special project required the studio to solve several architectural challenges and to also create custom solutions for both the exterior and the interior of the cabin. Nestled among the branches of a hundred-year-old oak, the tree house architecture takes inspiration from the surrounding bird nests. Thus, its distinctly contemporary design blends into the landscape.

A suspended walkway takes guests to the entrance. Beyond the slat wood facade which references the arrangement of twigs of the nearby nests, they find a spacious interior. The tree’s trunk becomes a part of the room that also features poplar surfaces. A sleeping area and bathroom provide a comfortable alternative to classic hotel rooms. The lounge allows guests to admire the woodland through the glazed walls while enjoying the warmth of the interior. Bespoke furniture made by the studio completes the minimal, modern decor. Outside, a terrace provides the perfect opportunity to relax in the middle of the nature, while the deck area on the roof provides sweeping views of the tree tops. Tree house architecture at its finest. Photographs© Atelier Lavit.

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