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Villa Sophia

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A contemporary dwelling designed with sculptural interiors, work and living areas, and an artificial intelligence system.

Built on the edge of the Trója hillside in Prague, the Czech Republic, Villa Sophia offers panoramic views of the city and a nature reserve. Architecture and design collective COLL COLL designed the house for a couple. The clients had recently returned from Canada and wanted to settle down in Prague permanently. The black house rises from among the lush vegetation of an intentionally overgrown garden visited by birds and even larger animals like deer or wild boars. To ensure that the nearby houses have access to views, the studio designed Villa Sophia with a low profile. Following the brief, the dwelling blends work and living spaces. The studio designed separate entrances for the owners and visitors.

On the north facade, a double entry provides guests access to either the living or the working areas. By contrast, the clients enter their home through the garage, which doubles as a welcoming entrance hall. The house draws inspiration from Palladian villas and follows the topography of the terrain upward, offering access to different views. From the living room, one can admire the garden, while the bedroom window frames treetop views. In the office, the openings overlook the city skyline. Near the entrances, a spiral staircase links the garden level to the upper floor. At the clients’ request, the team designed the staircase for a lifetime of use with both stairs and a ramp.

Artistic design complements cutting-edge technology.

Sculptural and artistic elements abound, from the wood patterns that make the stairs seem carved to the sleek pendant lights and the asymmetry of the ceilings. However, Villa Sophia is not only spectacular in appearance; it also impresses with technical features and construction techniques. The studio collaborated with ČVUT to create the monolith form with articulated facades using sustainable materials that last a lifetime. An artificial intelligence systems allows for the “connection of hard construction technologies, soft non-structured data and the ever-changing context of the web” while also accommodating different needs.

The house features components that optimize both comfort and function. For example, all of the lights work on the RGBW spectrum, which allows the clients to adjust the lighting in the evening to ensure a good night sleep. Doors move on linear magnets not only for more convenience, but also to improve ventilation as needed. In the music room, the AI system can accompany the owners’ piano playing or generate new songs. Finally, the green roof optimizes the energy efficiency of the building and doubles as an aesthetic feature. Seen from above, the natural colors of the roof enhance the folding star pattern of the house that mirrors the shape of the surrounding terraces. On this project, COLL COLL also collaborated with In Styl Hořovice on the interior design and Acre on landscaping. Photographs© BoysPlayNice.

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