There are few environments more unforgiving in the world than the mountainous peaks of the Himalayas. For ages the area has attracted explorers and adventurers of every nation and creed, with many seeking to conquer its Everest summit. But the Himalayas are more than one dangerous peak; they are an expansive and beautiful range that many less-extreme adventurers have hoped to explore in their lifetimes. That is where the newest bike from Indian manufacturer Royal Enfield comes it.

Himalayan, Royal Enfield has engineered a 411cc motorcycle that can withstand the onslaught of its native rugged terrain.

Aptly named the Himalayan, Royal Enfield has engineered a 411cc motorcycle that can withstand the onslaught of its native rugged terrain. Tested with a 500-mile trip from Goa to Bangalore by the company’s CEO himself, the bike is a testament to the experience Royal Enfield has accumulated over 60 years. By building a bike that is uncomplicated yet powerful, the Himalayan succeeds where other tourers have failed by recognizing and respecting the awesome landscape it hopes to explore. As the CEO Siddhartha Lal puts it; “the best motorcycle for the Himalayas is not one that tries to dominate its landscape, but one that is able to go with its flow.” And with a machine built from the ground up with all new parts and equipment, the Himalayan is poised to meet this benchmark, as it seems capable of handling anything the mountain paths can throw at it; from its air and oil-cooled LS410 engine to its footpegs and handlebars that allow for upright or even a standing riding position during off-roading adventures. Its design offers a strong amount of torque even at low revs, with a maximum estimated output of 23.6 lb-ft. at 4000 rpm and a power peak of 24.2 hp at 6500 rpm. The bike’s function takes precedent over any style decisions, giving it a barebones aesthetic that aptly suits its inception as a performative machine, and helps let the bike reach its estimated 280-mile range. Though for now an exclusive to India, the Royal Enfield Himalayan is a prime example of the universal appeal adventuring has for people of all nations, and thanks to the dedication that went into its design it can function as a tool to help make the journey a bit more accessible.

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