A compact but powerful speaker inspired by the shape of a book.

Created in collaboration between renowned audio brand Bang & Olufsen and award-winning design studio Layer, the new Beosound Emerge speaker is as elegant as it is powerful. The design follows on the footsteps of Beosound Balance, another sculptural design created by the London-based design studio. Inspired by the shape of a book, this home speaker minimizes its footprint while maximizing audio output. The design aims to provide a practical sound system solution for urban apartments where free space is valuable. “At LAYER, we believe that technology should enable happiness but doesn’t necessarily need to be an expression in its own right, so it was equally important for us to create a new architectural format with a strong sculptural sensibility and a more domestic material palette that will stand out in the saturated audio market while seamlessly fitting into the home,” explains Layer founder Benjamin Hubert.

Slim and powerful, Beosound Emerge delivers full range, ultra-wide sound from an elegant, sculptural case. The speaker fits on a bookshelf perfectly, but it suits any space in the home. The side panels remind of book covers, while the front resembles the spine of a book. Crafted from premium materials, this compact speaker features oak panels, woven Kvadrat textile, pearl-blasted aluminum with a gold finish, or high-grade aluminum with a black finish and a pearl-blasted grill.

Inside the slim case, there are extra-small drivers that deliver a powerful sound. Apart from the 4’’ woofer, the speaker also comes with a compact 1.45’’ mid-range driver and a 0.6’’ tweeter; all of them are specially arranged to provide maximum audio output. The built-in active room compensation technology improves the low frequency range while optimizing the sound depending on the speaker’s placement. Thanks to the intuitive user interface, Beosound Emerge is a pleasure to use; it features soft-touch buttons, a circular volume adjustment, and a built-in microphone for voice control. The speaker is also compatible with the Beosound series and supports Chromecast and Apple Airplay 2.

Finally, as a Bang & Olufsen product, the speaker has a modular design that allows future performance and feature updates over the coming years. Beosound Emerge comes in two versions: Gold Tone and Black Anthracite. Launched online and in Bang & Olufsen stores across Europe on April 15, the speaker will be available worldwide from Fall 2021. Images courtesy of Layer Design.

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