A folding bike specially designed for comfortable and easy bikepacking.

Eugene, Oregon-based bike manufacturer Bike Friday produces handmade bicycles with custom designs that incorporate innovative features. Their collection includes everything from Ti-beam travel bikes and ultra-light folding bikes to tandem bikes, cargo bikes, and e-bikes. Now, the company has introduced a new design that suits bikepacking and flexible riding – on and off-road. Named All-Packa, this bicycle is as versatile as it is practical. Perfect for gravel and dirt roads, it’s also a joy to ride on doubletracks, logging and farm roads, singletracks, and more. Like other Bike Friday bicycles, this one comes with 20’’ wheels and a frame that takes only 30 seconds to fold. However, All-Packa is also the first bikepacking bike you can actually store in an airline check-able bag.

The bicycle has a tire clearance up to 2.4″ and a custom geometry that optimizes loaded off-road handling thanks to a longer front-center and a lower center of gravity. Users can make the most of the various mounting options. Apart from being able to attach front and rear racks, they can also haul up to 5 water bottles. Indeed, All-Packa doesn’t have a weight limit for gear and it suits riders of up to 220 lbs. Other features include e-assist compatibility and 160mm mechanical disc brakes – with the option to install hydraulic brakes. Platform pedals, a comfortable seat, and ergonomic grips enhance riding comfort further.

Available to pre-order, each All-Packa is custom built to suit each customer’s size and color preference. Bike Friday offers various options for this bike. Apart from a frame kit, customers can also order a complete build. Naturally, the All-Packa is customizable and easy to upgrade with accessories. Photographs © Bike Friday.

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