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Made with smaller, 20’’ wheels and a compact shape, the mini velo has become more and more popular over the years, especially with the commuting crowd. Naturally, small workshops and well-known companies alike have launched an array of designs to meet the demand. On this page, we have gathered some of the best mini velo designs you can find. From the bikes that focus on flexibility to the designs that manage to incorporate some luggage options, here you’ll discover an array of creatively designed mini bikes that are as convenient a they are cool.

If you’re looking for a mini velo that focuses convenience, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. Some of these bikes have folding frames, which means that you can not only store them easily in a smaller apartment, but also place them in a car or carry them around when needed. Lightweight and compact, these mini bikes fit into tight spaces with ease. You can even store them on a wall hanger and put them proudly on display. They also provide a more secure way to store your bike at work, as you won’t have to worry about leaving your baby outside.

Those who live in hilly cities or cyclists who prefer some assistance at they ride to work, an electric mini velo is the perfect answer. Most of these bikes integrate the electric components and battery inside the frame, for a cleaner look. They require minimal maintenance but offer maximum convenience by making every ride easier.

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