An elegant collection of chairs and stools that reference balance and Alpine crafting traditions.

Founded in 1911 in Manzano, Italian brand Billiani has been making stylish, quality furniture with the help of talented designers. One of their latest collections is Edelweiss. Designed by Philippe Bestenheider, this range epitomizes the best of contemporary Swiss design while also celebrating Alpine crafting traditions. The collection comprises chairs, lounge chairs and stools. The larger chairs boast hexagonal backrests while the stools feature rounded triangular backs. Referencing traditional wood crafting techniques from the Alps, the plywood seat interlocks with the gauged backrest. Resembling works of micro-architecture, the designs bring together different components in a perfect balance between pressure and tension.


Both the dining and the lounge chairs come with full or perforated backs. The latter make the elegant design even lighter. At the same time, the perforated backrests add a graphic quality to the collection thanks to their circular cut-outs that explore the concept of material reduction. The perforated versions are also especially suited to heavy-duty use in contract settings. The Edelweiss stools and chairs come with ash wood frames as standard, but the company offers a huge range of options for this collection, as it does with all of its products. Apart from beech, oak and walnut woods in various natural colors, Billiani also offers the collection with wood stain and lacquer finishes. As for the upholstery, customers can select from a range of fabric upholstery as well as leather and vegan eco leather. Photography © Billiani.


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