The Easy Peasy Table Lamp

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A sculptural table lamp that complements its Italian design with a range of practical features.

Founded in 1950, Venice-based brand Lodes has been designing lighting that enhances even the most sophisticated of interiors. The company, formerly known as Studio Italia Design, rebranded in 2020 as Lodes to mark its 70th anniversary. An expression of this new chapter, the Fall range reflects the brand’s dedication to promote Italian design and to make products that combine innovative technology with refined contemporary design. Created by the company’s Design Curator Luca Nichetto, the Easy Peasy table lamp has a sculptural silhouette. It features two rounded elements reminiscent of bells. The compact lamp is also conveniently portable and rechargeable. “Today’s design requires a seamless integration of interaction and technological performance to create pieces that not only are aesthetically pleasing, but also serve a function and create a connection,” explains the designer.

Easy Peasy features a metal base that houses the LED light source and glass bell diffuser. A rounded knob on the top provides an easy way to not only turn the light on and off but to also dim the intensity of the LED and change its warmth. The micro-USB charger allows the user to recharge the battery before taking the lamp to another room or the garden. Crafted with different materials, the table lamp offers diverse tactile surfaces as well as various configuration options. The Easy Peasy table lamp comes in four color combinations. Inspired by nature, they range from Chestnut and Kelp to Lagoon and Flamingo. The new Fall collection, which also includes the Random Solo suspension light by Chia-Ying Lee, is available in the US exclusively through JB Lighting Collection. Photographs© Lodes.

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