The eScrambler by Switch Motorcycles

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A retro electric motorcycle that blends classic design cues with high-end features.

Over the past few years, electric bikes have gained a firm foothold in the custom electric motorcycle industry. However, when it comes to mid-sized builds with classic, custom styled designs, finding a good bike that also looks beautiful may be difficult. The eScrambler by Switch Motorcycles changes that. This gorgeous retro electric motorcycle represents the start of a new era and offers a refreshing take on the electric bike concept.

Established by custom electric bike specialist Matthew Waddick and former Yamaha Japan designer Michel Riis, Shanghai-based Switch has recently unveiled the eScrambler, the company’s first bike. The build makes a strong impression at first sight thanks to Michel Riis’ creative and ingenious design that blends retro and modern cues. Achieving this seemingly effortless minimalist look proved challenging and required many adjustments. The sculptural “tank” pays homage to traditional motorcycles while giving the bike a fresh look with a modern, refined aesthetic. It boasts a metallic blue color that perfectly complements the semi-gloss dark gray finish of the aluminum battery box.

In terms of performance, this electric scrambler impresses with a top speed of 93 mph, 0-62 mph in 3.2 seconds, and a range of 93 miles. The bike comes with a 11kWh-13kWh power pack, but the mid-drive motor has an output of 50kW. Unlike most electric bikes, the Switch eScrambler has a custom cradle-style frame. It also has a belt drive for minimal maintenance, a central mono shock, KTM forks, and 18-inch rims. Other features include CNC mounts, brackets, and foot pegs, GPS tracking, WiFi, USB phone charging, and more. An ABS system will also be integrated in the build. Currently in the homologation stage, this retro electric motorcycle will hopefully hit the streets in 2022. Photographs© Switch Motorcycles.

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