A spark of genius: introducing the FlikrFire personal concrete fireplace for cozy warmth and ambiance.

Established by product developer Travis Seera, who now runs the company with his brother Tyler, FlikrFire designs and makes personal fireplaces and fire pits that bring accessibility and innovation to your living room. Travis first started thinking about creating a portable indoor fireplace back in 2010. However, it took seven years of research, development, and polishing to perfect the initial concept and create the first FlikrFire personal fireplace. Now, the company’s products are available to a worldwide audience, with great customer reviews.

Introducing FlikrFire - Gessato
FlikrFire fireplaces come with a base and a lid.

Inspired by the Japanese aesthetic principle of wabi-sabi, which refers to the appreciation of imperfect beauty, impermanence, and transience, the brand’s collection comprises minimalist, timeless products that also help create meaningful memories. The concept is simple and clever. Each tabletop fireplace is crafted from cement with a round or square shape. A quartz-like base protects table surfaces, while a snuffing lid with a handle provides an easy way to cover the vessel. As for fuel, the FlikrFire fireplaces work with 70% or 90% isopropyl rubbing alcohol. However, if you want to use clean burning bio ethanol, keep in mind that the brand’s tabletop fireplaces are specially designed to work only with rubbing alcohol.

Introducing FlikrFire - Gessato
Perfect for indoor use, these tabletop fireplaces create bright flames.

Creating bright flames you can safely use to cook.

The company recommends the use of 70% or 91% isopropyl rubbing alcohol for many minutes of burn time. Designed with efficiency and convenience in mind, both the round and the square fire pits need only 5 ounces of alcohol to burn for 50 minutes. And the best part? They produce bright flames that don’t create soot. Additionally, the user can cook marshmallows and s’mores safely over the fire. This means that Flikr Fire products can double as portable, practical campfires. To drive this point home, the company ensures that all personal fireplaces suit both indoor and outdoor use.

From dinner parties to dates, special occasions, or a get-together with friends, the FlikrFire tabletop fireplace becomes the centerpiece of any gathering. Handmade in Tennessee, the brand’s products come with Almond, Raw, or Black bases and lids, making them perfect Mother’s Day gifts. Discover the FlikrFire personal fireplace collection in the Gessato Design Store.

Is Flikr Fire safe?

Yes, Flikr Fire is safe to use both indoors and outdoors. However, you should always ventilate the room in which you’re using the fireplace. With proper ventilation, the fireplace will not leave soot on surfaces or on the ceiling, only on the interior of the vessel, where the flames make contact with the cement. Additionally, isopropyl alcohol burns completely and doesn’t create carbon monoxide. Every Flikr Fire fireplace comes with a man-made quartz base that protects surfaces from heat.

How does Flikr Fire work?

Flikr Fire products use rubbing alcohol to create bright flames. The alcohol burns completely and doesn’t produce carbon monoxide or soot. To use, simply pour 5 ounces of alcohol inside the vessel and make sure you always leave at least one inch to the rim. Then, use a long-handed lighter to light the alcohol. If you want to snuff out the fire, cover it with a stone or ceramic coaster.

What kind of alcohol does FLÎKR Fire use?

The company has specially designed the FlikrFire fireplaces to work with 70% or 91% isopropyl rubbing alcohol. While you can also safely use 99% alcohol, keep in mind that the fire will be hotter and will burn out much quicker. This is why the brand doesn’t recommend using FlikrFire fireplaces with 99% alcohol.

Will 70 isopropyl alcohol burn?

Yes, 70% isopropyl alcohol will burn. However, since it contains 30% water, you may need to keep the flame of the lighter a bit longer on the surface to light the fire. A colder liquid will also need more time to get going, but once you start the fire, the 70% isopropyl alcohol will burn steadily and last longer than fuel with a higher percentage of alcohol.

What is the purpose of the FLÎKR Fire?

A FlikrFire tabletop fireplace creates a cozy mood, indoors or outdoors. Like a campfire, it brings people together and provides an easy way to create a warm ambience anywhere. These fireplaces are also easy to use and they work with readily available rubbing alcohol to burn cleanly.

What is the difference between smoke and ash?

Smoke contains a blend of tiny liquid, solid, and gas particles, including soot and ash. A fire produced by rubbing alcohol will not create smoke or soot. However, a wood-fired stove or fireplace will produce smoke, soot, and ash. Ash has a lighter color than soot and remains in the fireplace, while soot is carried with the smoke to the chimney or ceiling.

What is the temperature of Flikr Fire?

A Flikr Fire fire pit will produce a cozy warmth. The flames are sufficient for marshmallows and s’mores, but the fire won’t heat up the room. As for the vessel itself, the cement will heat up, but less than a glass candle, for example. As cement is a poor thermal conductor, you can safely touch the exterior of the fireplace.

How much alcohol is needed for a fire?

For a fire that lasts 45-60 minutes, you’ll need around 5 ounces of alcohol. Depending on the ambient temperature and the temperature of the fireplace, the fire will burn longer or slower. For example, keeping the fireplace alight for more than 1.5-2 hours will reduce the burning time, as the cement will become too hot and make the fuel burn faster. For a more efficient use of fuel, the company recommends leaving the vessel to cool off for 20 minutes before starting another fire.

How many people have been burned by Flikr Fire?

Flikr Fire fireplaces don’t produce high heat to be dangerous. Additionally, the cement vessel becomes hot, but not hot enough to burn or scald. You can safely use these tabletop fireplaces indoors, just make sure to use them in ventilated areas. Always place them on flat surfaces, but never around flammable materials or fabrics.

How long does it take to light a fire by Flikr Fire?

You can light a fire in anything from seconds to a couple of minutes. Simply pour in the alcohol and use the long-handled lighter to start the fire. You can also add essential oil (on the rim only!) to infuse the room with a natural scent.

What is the best way to extinguish Flikr Fire?

The best way to extinguish a Flikr Fire is to snuff out the flames. The company recommends using a stone or ceramic coaster, which you can place on the top of the unit and leave for a few seconds.

Introducing FlikrFire - Gessato
All FlikrFire products suit indoor or outdoor use.
Introducing FlikrFire - Gessato
The fireplaces boast a tactile cement exterior.
Introducing FlikrFire - Gessato
A miniature fire pit, to transform any tabletop into the heart of the party.
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