Functional and practical, alarm clocks are back in vogue. Relying on a phone for your morning alarm means subjecting yourself to a bright screen at bedtime – or worse, in the middle of the night. Our favorite modern, unique alarm clocks will not only help you sleep better, they’ll up your style quotient at the same time.

Modern Dome Alarm Clock

The round face and pedestal design of this alarm clock give it a retro look that’s perfect for the bedroom or desktop. The matte finish in deep Petrol Blue silicone is a distinctly modern touch. With a practical digital beep alarm and a virtually silent ‘no tick’ movement, this clock’s design is a stylish, unique alarm clock with vintage flair.

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Mudita Harmony

Designed with sleep quality and healthy bedtime habits in mind, the Harmony alarm clock from Mudita allows you to customize it to suit your specific needs. This clock comes with a set of relaxing wake-up sounds created by Canadian musician Nick Lewis who used both instruments and nature sounds to make the soothing melodies. Ambient sound and white noise are also included for moments of relaxation. Harmony also features bedtime reminders, a meditation and power nap timer, a high-quality speaker, an eye-friendly E Ink display, and a rechargeable battery.

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One Clock

Discover the joy of waking up in the morning with One Clock. And we don’t use the word “joy” lightly here. Specially designed as an alternative to app-packed smartphones and standard alarm clocks, this timepiece is analog as well as backed by sonic science. It plays original songs created by Grammy award-winner Jon Natchez to wake you up gently and put you in the perfect mood to start your day. Plus, it has a beautiful design with proportions that follow The Golden Ratio, a minimal aesthetic, and sustainably sourced materials.

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Numbers LED Clock

A distinctly modern design by Jonas Damon, this clock features four separate blocks connected by cords; each block displays only one digit. The all-black plastic blocks can be set in a row, or stacked to arrange the time as you’d like. This industrial-style alarm clock has an eco-friendly LED display, black cords and a wall plug. However, you won’t be hitting the snooze button – because this minimalist clock doesn’t have one.

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AC01 Alarm Clock

“I wanted to make an alarm clock that does a single job well, and does it in style.” – Petter Neby, founder of Punkt.

Designed to keep you off your phone at bedtime, the AC01 Alarm Clock is intended to recall a time when a clock was, well, just a clock. Pared down to the necessities – clock, light, and alarm, this unique alarm clock designed by Jasper Morrison is a fine example of form following function. Its durable construction features an aluminum housing and scratch-resistant glass. In a smart design twist, the entire back of this unique alarm clock serves as a convenient switch for the light and snooze functions. A clean clock-face design complements the clock’s minimalist aesthetic, while four stylish colors provide options to match any interior.

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BC02X Classic Travel Alarm Clock

An iconic travel companion since the 1980’s, this Dietrich Lubs design may be the perfect small alarm clock. Only 2.25″ across, it features a clock-face that’s simple and easy to read, a sweeping yellow second hand, and a single button to control the light and snooze alarm. In a recent update, this unique alarm clock gained an improved quiet-tick movement and luminous tips on the hour and minute hands.

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City Hall Alarm Clock

The pared-down clock designed in 1956 for the City Hall in Copenhagen is a mid-century icon. This unique alarm clock reproduces Arne Jacobsen’s graphic clock face, with bold white lines indicating hours and white dots representing minutes. A steel stand gives the design an industrial vibe, and the classic bell sound of the alarm adds to its vintage charm. This battery-powered clock is easy to use – a light tap on the top activates the snooze cycle or turns on the night-light (which shuts itself off).

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Circa Alarm Clock

The Circa alarm clock combines the features of a sleep-tracking app, an ambient sound machine, and a Bluetooth speaker in one. Yet, it can be set up and controlled without a phone. It also has no microphones or tracking so your privacy is protected. Calm yourself before sleep with Circa’s Breathing Assistant; wake up at just the right moment in your sleep cycle with the help of Circa’s mattress sensor. Use its integrations for Spotify and digital radio to further customize your sleep and wake routine. This minimalist design comes in three colors, and has an ambient light sensor that dims the light at night to help you rest.

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Edge Light Alarm Clock

This clever and unique alarm clock design also functions as a night light. The cylindrical design has the clock face on a flat end, and a light incorporated into the angled end, making it a handy travel clock. This battery-powered clock is packed with features like dual alarms, shake to snooze, a dimmable clock face, and a dimmable light. To turn off the alarm, just flip it over – and enjoy the soft lighting. The rechargeable battery uses a convenient USB cable.

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Babylon Alarm Clock

The Babylon Clock is inspired by geometric rock formations, with raised facets giving texture to the round, modern design. Raised lines on the clock face indicate the hours, while luminescent hands make it easy to read the time. Modern features include an LED backlight, Snooze button, and sweeping second-hand movement. Attractive from all sides, this small clock makes an excellent desk clock or bedside alarm.

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Flip Click Clock

This handsome clock combines minimalist, modern design with the warmth of natural wood. Its simple rectangular form is available in five wood stain colors. Laser-engraved controls are activated with a light touch, and flipping over the clock turns off the alarm. Sound-activated technology means the display turns off when the room is quiet, and turns on with a clap or the snap of a finger. Setup is simple with a light touch on the controls. If you’re looking for a clock that has a distinctly low-tech appearance, this unique alarm clock is the perfect solution.

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Chunky Cube Alarm Clock

The post-modern design of this alarm clock features a minimalist clock face design without hour markings. Gold metal hands in a matte finish are a rich detail, and the rounded cube shape has a stylish smooth finish. This battery-powered clock features a single alarm.

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Tom Unique Alarm Clock

This snazzy little clock combines a clean, minimalist design with mid-century terrazzo in pink. The classic analog style has a plain clock face accented by a sweeping second hand in red. Its chunky round shape gives this unique alarm clock plenty of personality – it’s also available in bamboo, concrete or cork.

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Block Alarm Clock

This stylish design features a functional clock face enclosed in a handsome stainless steel body. The white clock face has easy-to-read black lines and rectangular black hands. Luminous tips and a dial light provide soft illumination at night. Simple and understated, this unique alarm clock also has a snooze function.

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Jiji Alarm Clock

Small but projecting a mighty presence, this round clock features large, elegant numerals and minute markers. Distinctive black hour and minute hands complement a ticking second hand. The classic face design is encased in a vintage-inspired aluminum body. This unique alarm clock’s chunky shape will make a statement in any room.

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Alarm Clock Innate XL

With its round wood case and a gray clock face inspired by instrument dials, this unique alarm clock calls to mind vintage aviation design. The metal base sets the clock at the perfect viewing angle. This battery-powered clock features an easy-to-read second hand in red.

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Moon Beam Clock

Introduced in 1952, this customer favorite combines vintage style and modern features. The mid-century design has a fully lighted dial, bell tone alarm, backlight and snooze function. With plug-in power and a backup battery, this new version includes a built-in USB port for charging your devices. Plus, it comes in four retro-cool colors.

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Riki Wood Alarm Clock

Designed by renowned Japanese designer Riki Watanabe, this round wooden clock features large, readable numbers. Small black dashes mark minutes and hours, and the black rectangular hands repeat the dash effect. Simple in design, this unique alarm clock has a single button at the top for the snooze function and light.

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