An exclusive range of quality mezcal packaged in ceramic bottles that reference Mexican architecture.

Crafting a high-quality mezcal that celebrates tradition and authenticity is an art. This limited-edition OAX Original® collection drives this point home with a gorgeous bottle design that draws inspiration from Mexican architecture. Made in small batches, the OAX Original® mezcal comes to life through age-old techniques. To make its three mezcals, the company uses different varieties of wild agave that grow in the semi-arid valley of Oaxaca. The production process keeps Mexican traditions alive. Cooked slowly in the ground with oak and mesquite, the hearts of the 12 to 25-year-old agave plants then go through a stone grounding process before being fermented in pine barrels. Third-generation Maestro Mezcalero Enrique Hernandez Zenea oversees the double distillation stage.

The OAX Original® range features three varieties of mezcal, each with distinctive flavor profiles. While Arroqueño has coffee, butter, almond, and subtle smoky notes, Tobalá boasts sweet floral and herbal flavors with an almond finish. Tepeztate has a bright body with citrus aromas but also features smoky and earthy notes. To launch the limited-edition collection in style, the brand collaborated with design studio Bardo Industries.

The studio designed ceramic bottles that reference both ancient Mexican architecture and modernist design. The three bottles also have colors that match the flavors of the three mezcals. Arroqueño with its darker flavors comes in a black bottle while Tobalá comes in a white version. Finally, the Tepeztate mezcal made with 25-year-old agave comes in a pink bottle. Cork stoppers complete the packaging design. Made in a limited-edition series of only 900 bottles per variety, these mezcals cost between $110 to $180. Photographs© Celeste Martearena.

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