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Introducing ISTO

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An apparel brand that produces high-quality clothing from natural and organic materials.

Lisbon-based apparel brand ISTO aims to remodel the fashion industry with a sustainable twist. Completely independent, the company prides itself in having total control over every aspect of the design and manufacturing process. This also allows the brand to offer an entirely transparent pricing breakdown to customers, for every product. With no intermediaries, ISTO can also reduce the cost of each garment and accessory. The brand’s collection features only essentials with designs that don’t follow fashion trends. Put more simply, wardrobe staples that don’t go out of style. To ensure that the products balance their timeless designs with long-lasting fabrics, the company uses natural and organic materials as well as quality craftsmanship. For example, all ISTO’s suppliers have the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification.

Made in Portugal by carefully chosen factories, the brand’s collection is premium quality and designed to last longer. The ISTO range comprises apparel made with 100% organic, natural, and recycled materials. Among them, organic, extra-fine combed cotton or 100% Portuguese wool and Merino wool. The line includes all of the wardrobe staples you’d expect, from t-shirts, sweatshirts, and shirts to jackets, coats, denim, and chinos. Accessories include hats and scarves as well as cotton socks and tote bags. With neutral colors and a few bolder options along with perfectly fitted silhouettes, the ISTO line offers a great way to create a versatile wardrobe selection. The company provides free international shipping for orders of over €150, which is about $170. Plus, all orders ship from the company’s warehouse in Lisbon, Portugal, with carbon neutral delivery. Photographs© ISTO.

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