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Le Feu Fireplaces

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A collection of eco-friendly and portable fireplaces that also celebrate the elegance of Danish design.

Established in 2017, Le Feu is a Danish company that produces innovative fireplaces. Founder Søren Lauritsen had been immersed in the industry since childhood, in his grandfather’s fireplace and wood-burning stove workshop. Inspired to give the traditional fireplace a contemporary twist, Søren Lauritsen launched Le Feu. The brand’s electric fireplace heater collection and portable fireplaces seamlessly merge Danish design with sustainability and quality craftsmanship. Focusing on making eco-friendly designs, Le Feu produces versatile and minimalist products that blend into any living space with ease. The company has collaborated with specialists and engineers to develop its electric fireplace heater collection. As a result, it has become Scandinavia’s leading bio fireplace manufacturer.

Le Feu portable fireplace, black with wooden legs

The brand also values the elegance of Danish design, offering stylish products that warm up a space even when not in use. The simple, understated aesthetic aims to provide an easy way to bring a Le Feu freestanding electric fireplace into a home, regardless of the style of the interior design. Additionally, the company specially developed these biofuel fireplaces to be as easy to install as possible. Users can set up a Le Feu fireplace in only 10 minutes thanks to the simplified installation system that doesn’t require a chimney. Suitable for either indoor or outdoor use, these fireplaces can create a cozy mood anywhere, from living rooms to pool areas and terraces.

Unlike earlier versions of bio fireplaces and the classic electric fireplace stove, Le Feu products have modern burner technology. And what does this mean, exactly? Apart from burning clean with a real flame but without smoke, odor, or soot, these fireplaces emit heat with efficiency, warming up a 40 sqm room by 3.8° C quickly. They work with a widely available, renewable fuel: bioethanol. Also known as grain alcohol or biofuel, this type of strong alcohol is made from excess organic waste mostly sourced from the agricultural industry. CO2 neutral, this fuel is eco-friendly and doesn’t emit harmful substances, but creates a stunning flame effect.

Le Feu portable fireplace, brass stand

A collection of elegantly minimalist and smart fireplaces.

The brand’s collection comprises five fireplace designs with a range of interchangeable options and accessories. Sky is the best-selling bio fireplace in Scandinavia. Looking at the design, it’s easy to see why. Suspended by the ceiling with an innovative system, the electric fireplace boasts the brand’s signature elliptic domed shape. The minimal suspension system makes Sky look like it floats in the room while emitting warmth, a real flame, and a soft light. Through a remote control, the user can intensify the flame effect further. This design allows customization. The user can easily convert Sky into the Wood fireplace by adding wooden legs and accessories. Sky is part of the Dome series, which also comprises wall mounted electric fireplaces and freestanding electric fireplaces.

Le Feu offers fixed and portable fireplaces with low or high tripod bases and with a high circular base. All of these products come in a range of materials and finishes. The company produces the Dome electric fireplace series from steel with a black or a gray powder-coated finish that is also highly resistant to heat. As for the bases, they come either in oak wood with light or dark finishes, or in steel with a rose gold finish. Likewise, the suspension rods for the Sky fireplaces come in black, rose gold, or gray finishes.

Apart from the Dome electric fireplace collection, Le Feu also makes the Clever series. Integrated in walls, these fireplaces have a rectangular form. The company produces the Clever fireplaces with 1, 2, 2/3, 3, and 4 open sides. These products feature a minimalist design. Additionally, they double as room dividers that offer a view of the flames in two different areas. Users can also control the intensity of the flames via remote control. Regardless of design, finish, and size, Le Feu’s products provide an easy and stylish solution to bring the spirit of hygge into a living spaces – indoors or outdoors. Photographs © Le Feu.

Do portable fireplaces give off heat?

Most electric fireplaces give off heat thanks to an integrated heating element, with fans helping to disperse the heat into a room. The front of the fireplace remains cool, with only the heating element, usually located at the top, heating up the metal surface. Some products, however, serve only a decorative purpose and produce the life-like flame effect without giving off much heat, if any. These electric fireplaces remain cool to the touch.

What are the benefits of a portable fireplace?

Perhaps the most important advantage of a portable fireplace is the ease of installation, anywhere. Since these electric fireplaces don’t require a flue or chimney, they can be quickly installed in any room. Additionally, a portable fireplace doesn’t produce smoke, fumes, or odors. Unlike traditional wood-burning fireplaces, an electric fireplace doesn’t heat up, apart from the top part that contains the heating element. These products also come in a range of elegant styles and sustainable designs.

What is the difference between a portable fireplace and a regular fireplace?

A regular fireplace heats up a room by burning wood, coal, or gas, and thus requires a chimney to evacuate the smoke. A portable fireplace doesn’t need a chimney as it doesn’t produce smoke. However, it also produces less heat than a classic fireplace or wood-burning stove. Some electric fireplaces use biofuel to create the flames, while others create the appearance of fire through LED lights.

Le Feu portable fireplace, walnut legs

Le Feu modern portable fireplace

Le Feu electric fireplace hanging from the ceiling

Le Feu portable fireplace, for the bedroom

Le Feu round modern fireplace

White portable fireplace

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