Few things can transform a room more drastically than a fireplace. The warmth of the fire, the dancing flames, and the crackling of the wood logs as they burn all make a living space feel instantly cozy and welcoming. A modern wood burning stove can do much more than heat a home – it can elevate a room’s décor. This list gathers some of the world’s best stove designs, made by leading fireplace manufacturers. From Scandinavian to Italian designs, from compact to extra-large, and from minimalist to multi-functional, these styles that can impress even the most discerning of design lovers. Ultimately, these stoves have a crucial common trait: they can make any space look like home.


Rais Viva L 120

An award-winning, modern wood burning stove.

If you’re looking to a stylish alternative to traditional cast iron wood stoves, the Rais Viva L 120 may be the perfect option. Minimalist and elegant, this modern wood burning stove features a rounded shape, clean lines, and a subtle door handle. The glass panel provides a great view of the roaring flames, while the manual damper allows you to control the air intake to improve combustion. Available in different colors, the Viva L 120 also comes with a range of optional accessories, including a CleverAir system, a side glass panel, or a swivel base with a rotating flute collar.

Wittus Shaker Stove

A multi-award-winning design.

Founded in 1978 in New York by Denmark native Niels Wittus, Wittus celebrates the concept of “hygge” with gorgeously designed stoves. The Shaker Stove is a perfect example. A winner of the Chicago Museum of Architecture and Design’s Good Design award and the Red Dot Design Award, this stove is as beautiful as it is practical. It blends classic and modern elements in a minimalist design that is also multi-functional. Compact to fit into small areas, the Shaker Stove comes with an integrated shelf or a shelf with a longer bench. Both versions have plenty of storage room for wood logs. Made in Europe from steel, this stove has a black finish and comes with a left or right-side loading door and with a top or a back vent.

Nectre Bakers Oven

An efficient, 2-in-1 design.

Since 1978, Nectre has been making quality, long-lasting fireplaces in South Australia. Over the years, the company’s collection has expanded to include efficient, low emission products that range from wood heaters to ovens. This Nectre Bakers Oven offers a 2-in-1 solution to heat up a room and also cook delicious meals. Apart from a steel cooktop with room for two pots or pans, this product also has an oven. Designed with efficiency in mind, the Nectre Bakers Oven heats up to 120 m2 using wood logs. Other features include an oven temperature thermometer and an optional domestic hot water boiler.

Stovax Riva Studio 3

A stove that will add visual impact to any room.

Perfect for larger rooms, the Stovax Riva Studio 3 Freestanding Stove has a more impressive size compared to the standard modern wood burning stove. Made with a simple rectangular shape, it has a large widescreen that gives a great view of the fire. An optional bench provides a convenient solution to install this stove, but the Riva Studio Freestanding series is hearth-mounted as standard. The stoves come in different sizes, with matching benches that boast different lengths and heights, so you can easily select the one that will suit your living room perfectly.

Supreme Novo 24

Contemporary design meets function.

Versatile and stylish, Supreme Novo 24 combines form and function in an elegant design that looks great anywhere. One of the more compact modern wood burning stove designs from our list, the Novo 24 is also a minimalist lover’s dream as it boasts pure lines and a simple rectangular form. The cast iron version comes with reversible panels that feature a matte black finish on one side and a brick pattern on the other. Suitable to use directly on the floor, this wood-burning stove also comes with an optional stand that creates a handy storage space for wood logs. A gray soapstone version with a natural grain finish is also available.

Caminetti Montegrappa Dalù

An elegant design with retro design cues.

Whatever the Caminetti Montegrappa Dalù cast iron stove sacrifices in size, it more than makes up for in style. This compact fireplace fits even into small home offices and narrow spaces, but it always creates a focal point with its bold look. Inspired by vintage designs, the stove features a retro-style silhouette with angled legs and a rounded handle. Made from durable cast iron, Dalù will probably be a part of your home for a lifetime. You can choose a bold Red version or the more subdued Ivory or Gray options.

Round Stack

A creative modular design.

Designed by Adriano Design Studio and handmade in Italy by La Castellamonte, the award-winning Round Stack stoves merge tradition and modern technology. As creative as they are practical, the stoves feature a modular design with different elements “stacked” in a tower. A great choice for Italian design lovers, the Stack modern wood burning stove is also a great alternative to simple designs. It features a ceramic build with a stainless steel door. Styles include both round and cubic models as well as different color options for the ceramic tiles. In terms of energy efficiency and performance, this ceramic stove shines with a unique ceramic baffle plate for optimal combustion and an optional accumulation heat exchange system that enables higher heating with a lower wood consumption.

Focus Fireplaces Grappus

An artistic design for maximum visual impact.

Designed by Thibault Désombre for Focus, Grappus is one of the most creative fireplaces in our list. The design has won prestigious awards, including the Red Dot Design Award 2014. Artistic and sculptural, this modern wood burning stove features a dynamic composition with the hearth placed high on one side and the wood rack offset on the other. While refined and modern, Grappus is also designed as a high-performance stove and suits low-energy buildings perfectly. Made to measure, the flute and adaptation parts also feature an elegant matte black finish.

Chilli Penguin Short Penguin Eco

An eco-friendly stove with “clean burn” features.

The Short Penguin Eco from Chilli Penguin Stoves offers the perfect blend of performance and energy efficiency. Made with secondary, heat-retaining glazing and redesigned with new combustion air jets an a new air flow diversion, Short Penguin has lower emissions but achieves over 80% efficiency. Thanks to the updated design, this modern wood burning stove can reach higher temperatures inside the firebox and burn wood more effectively and cleanly. Plus, the air wash system ensures that you will always have a great view of the fire. Other features include redesigned handles that remain vertical and a matte black finish. Red, green, or blue colors are also available for an additional cost.

Morsø 6148 On Pedestal

A contemporary stove design from an iconic Danish company.

Founded in 1853, Morsø has been making homes cozier with beautifully crafted cast iron stoves for more than 160 years. The brand has also collaborated with renowned designers – including Kaare Klint – to create fireplaces and cast iron accessories. A great example of Scandinavian design, this stove is minimalist, practical, and versatile. Morsø 6148 On Pedestal has a cylindrical silhouette that complements a rounded, plinth-like base. A glass panel offers a great views of the flames. Thanks to the combustion technology with pre-heated air, this modern wood burning stove is energy efficient and uses less fuel.

Austroflamm Heidi Back

A 2-in-1 stove with a built-in oven.

We end our list of modern wood burning stove designs with an ingenious product. The Austroflamm Heidi Back stove is not just an elegant fireplace that can make any room feel snug and warm. This design also features a built-in oven that allows you to use the heat to cook, bake, or heat food.  With Heidi, you can simply sit back and admire the roaring fire while waiting for your cake or pizza to bake inside the ceramic oven. Made of fine-grain cast iron, this stove also features walnut wood handles and an optional wooden drawer. Rounded wood storage boxes in two sizes are also available separately.

Nordpeis Me Pedestal

A round fireplace that will create a focal point in a room.

Fancy a more creative design? Then the Me Pedestal fireplace from Nordpeis may be the ideal option for your home. This modern wood burning stove captures everyone’s attention with a round instead of a rectangular shape and a cylindrical base. A front glass panel offers a great view of the fire, while the optional glass side panels ensure that you’ll get the perfect view from virtually any angle. Like other stoves from this brand, Me Pedestal burns wood efficiently with a clean combustion and a high heat output. Plus, the design looks great in either more classic or modern settings.

HWAM 2600

A wall-mounted modern wood burning stove.

Minimalist and elegant, the wall-mounted HWAM 2600 offers something different compared to freestanding or pedestal fireplaces. While it occupies minimal space in a room, it adds maximum visual impact. Danish designers Henrik Sørig and Tobias Jacobsen designed the stove with a rounded form and a compact size, meaning that you can install this fireplace in rooms of any size, large or small. Thanks to the front and side panels, you can easily admire the roaring fire as you relax on a plush sofa with a cup of hot coffee or tea. Made of cast iron, the HWAM 2600 stove comes in different versions and is also available in a pedestal design.

Barbas Bellfires Box 70

A minimalist stove with extra-clean lines.

Based in The Netherlands, Barbas Bellfires has been making gas and wood burning stoves since 1976. While the company offers a range of designs to choose from, every one of their stoves is tailor-made according to the customer’s specifications. The Barbas Bellfires Box 70 features an ultra-clean design with a rectangular shape and a matching platform. A storage module offers the perfect solution to keep wood logs close at hand and give the fireplace a rustic touch. Box 70 comes in different sizes, to suit any room. A color-matched pipe with a height of up to 195 cm is also available.

Dovre Vintage 35

A modern wood burning stove designed with a charming vintage style.

Inspired by ‘50s-’60s appliances, the Dovre Vintage 35 wood burning stove is a great choice if you like retro-style designs. This compact but highly efficient stove features the cutting-edge Cleanburn technology as well as an Airwash system that ensures you’ll always get a clear view of the flames. Distinctive and stylish, the stove is made of cast iron and comes in a range of colors and finishes, to complement any interior. Other features include an external air supply, top or rear flue exit, and suitability for use in Smoke Control Areas with a suitable kit.

Scan 83-2

A great example of elegant Danish design.

Founded in 1978, Danish company Scan takes pride in making high-quality stoves that blend elegant design, innovative technology, and user-friendly features. Their Scan 83-2 modern wood burning stove represents the best of Danish design. It has a minimalist aesthetic with an elegantly rounded silhouette and no superfluous details. Completed with a black or a gray finish, the stove boasts an aluminum handle and moldings. The door closes smoothly thanks to the soft-close function, while the curved front panel offers a perfect view of the fire. Like other designs from our list, Scan 83-2 looks at home in any décor.

Jøtul F 305 LL

An award-winning wood burning stove.

Jøtul is one of the oldest stove and fireplace manufacturers in the world. The company was established in 1853 and has produced premium products that celebrate Norwegian craftsmanship ever since. Designed by Anderssen & Voll, the stylish Jøtul F 305 LL wood burning stove doubles as a decorative piece in a room and has won the Red Dot Design Award. Apart from scoring high points on style, this modern wood burning stove also features a user-friendly design. It has a compact shape, a large combustion chamber that ensures a clean burn, and a large opening that frames the flames.