A collection of fun and decorative ceramic accessories inspired by doodles.

Italian designer and artist Elena Salmistraro has a distinctive style that brings a sense of playfulness and vibrancy into living spaces. The Petit Signes collection showcases her approach to design perfectly. Created for La Manufacture, a brand that brings together French style and Italian craftsmanship, this line of accessories is playful and decorative at the same time. The designs reference the designer’s doodles, which she often traces in her diary absentmindedly. The collection’s name also gives another dimension to the designs. “I wanted to turn these desk accessories into accessories that would easily find their place in every space. And by combining two such unspecific words as “petits” (small) and “signes” (signs), I gave the line a name that opened up a whole world of meanings and poetry,” says Elena Salmistraro.

The line comprises bowls, vases, figurines, mugs, and more. Each object has its own personality but all of them look like they’re part of the same family. Made in Italy by Bosa, the Petit Signes collection also celebrates the beauty of ceramic. The products have different textures, colors, and finishes; from ribbed patterns to fine detailing, golden accents, and matte or polished finishes. Elena Salmistraro and La Manufacture will introduce new colors in the Petits Signes collection during Milan Design Week 2022. Design lovers can admire the range at Museo Poldi Pezzoli, on Via Manzoni 12, from June 7 to June 12. Photographs © La Manufacture.

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