An ingenious and powerful machine to keep a vinyl collection pristine.

Fans of turntables and collectors of vinyl records know how important it is to clean each record properly. This ProJect record cleaning machine offers an easy and quick solution to keep vinyl records pristine and preserve their quality and audio fidelity. Named Pro-Ject VC-S3, this record cleaning machine has a series of upgraded features that include both functional and aesthetic details. First, the design. Minimalist and elegant, the updated cabinet is made from lightweight aluminum and features rounded corners with subtle groove detailing. Optimized with convenience in mind, the cabinet is large enough to hold a tank of 2.5 liters of cleaning liquid.

Made with the brand’s eco-friendly formula, the fluid is non-alcoholic but effective. It removes dust and dirt in only one to two revolutions without damaging the audio micro information imprinted on the record. This ProJect record cleaning machine comes with the solution already mixed, which means that the user doesn’t have to dilute a concentrate and can use the unit straight from the box.

A new magnetic clamp seals the record label and speeds up the cleaning process at the same time. This clamp also makes loading vinyl records incredibly easy. It features a metal arm with an upgraded vacuum motor and a new self-adhesive arm strip that clean efficiently, without leaving any residue. In addition, the machine removes static from vinyl records. The used cleaning solution goes into a separate container which the user can empty as needed. However, the formula evaporates quickly, so the container doesn’t need emptying even after cleaning thousands of records. Plus, an indicator displays the fill-up capacity. Made in Europe, this ProJect record cleaning machine has an exceptional, high-end build quality. You can find VC-S3 at selected retailers at a price of $675. Photography © Pro-Ject Audio Systems.