Hand-harvested sea salt made in a remote Icelandic region using completely sustainable methods.

Established in 2011, Saltverk brings the age-old Icelandic traditions of sea salt production of the 18th century back to life. Based in the remote peninsula of Reykjanes in the Westfjords of Iceland, the company pays homage to the country’s history of salt making by using traditional techniques. The brand’s artisan flake sea salt comes to life via 200-years-old methods. The entire production process is sustainable as well as carbon neutral. Saltverk not only uses pure seawater that flows through the bay of Isafjardardjup, but also heats, boils, and dries the salt with the geyser water of the Reykjanes’ famous hot springs.

As they use geothermal energy exclusively, the company ensures that every Saltverk product has zero impact on the environment. The hand-harvesting technique involves pumping the sea water into open pans and pre-heating the liquid until it achieves a salinity of 17%-20%. Boiling the resulting brine produces salt crystals formations. The dried flaky sea salt offers a concentrated flavor and crucial minerals needed for the functioning of the human body. The Saltverk collection currently comprises six products that are used in home kitchens and restaurants around the world.

Apart from pure flaky sea salt, foodies can also order flavored products that celebrate Iceland’s landscapes and traditions. The birch smoked salt boasts a strong smoky flavor, while the arctic thyme infuses dishes with a floral note. The licorice salt with Persian licorice root adds another dimension to sweet recipes, while the seaweed salt celebrates the Japanese umami. Saltverk’s range also includes lava salt, which features activated charcoal to add a dramatic finishing touch to any dish. Prices rage from $12.99 for one jar to $44.99 for the gift box with four jars. Photographs© Saltverk.