A minimalist design that brings the sounds of nature into the home.

Inspired by living close to nature, Soul is a special sound or sleep machine that brings the sounds of wild landscapes into the home to elevate well-being. The natural sounds replace urban noise with ease, immersing the user into a safe haven closer to nature. It’s the perfect product for those who want to relax, whether before going to sleep, starting a yoga session, or working from home. The Hong Kong-based design team behind Soul wanted to create a simple and elegant audio object that is both easy to use and versatile. The design is clean and minimal, an aesthetic that works hand in hand with the concept. Created in a collaboration with sound engineers and technicians, Soul plays eight sets of natural sounds and over 250 mixed sounds.

Each high-fidelity sound is recorder individually at the source using professional equipment. After recording, technicians remove any extra noise that might affect the clarity of the sound. This includes excess bass and treble. A standard 3.5mm output allows the user to listen to the sounds using headphones or earphones. The eight sets include the sounds of a fireplace, rain, thunder, and birds as well as an alpha wave that has a calming effect. The user can play one, two, or all the sounds at once at different volumes in a custom mix through the speaker or headphones, resulting in over 250 of combinations.

Lowering stress with the help of sound and light.

Furthermore, Soul comes with an integrated breathing light. Installed in the base, the light helps improve the quality of the user’s sleep by imitating a breathing pattern. Brightening and then dimming, the light gradually slows down to induce a similar process in the user’s own breathing. The lamp decreases its  rhythm until it reaches 5 breaths per minute; thus, it brings the user into a state of complete relaxation. Set at a tone of 450nm, the blue light helps to induce a state of deep sleep. A timer ensures that the box turns itself off after the user has fallen asleep.

Finally, Soul is specially designed to emit no wireless waves in order to minimize sleep disruption. The team behind the design launched Soul through Kickstarter. Surprising no one, the campaign ended with a resounding success, with funds surpassing the initial goal almost seven times over. Currently, Soul has another campaign on Indiegogo, with the design available at a price of $109. Photography© Soul.

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