A sustainable design inspired by slow living.

Designed by furniture maker and designer Craig Pearce, founder of Vancouver-based startup Goodland, the Wood-Burning Hot Tub draws inspiration from the principles of slow living. The company’s first product, the hot tub encompasses Goodland’s dedication to minimalism, sustainable manufacturing, and quality craftsmanship. Like a sauna nestled in a forest, the outdoor design aims to bring the user both closer to nature and more in touch to their inner rhythm. Simple and versatile, the hot tub has a durable build that is also sustainable and eco-friendly. Apart from Western red cedar or oak, it features marine-grade aluminum and brass detailing; all of them are long-lasting as well as easily recyclable materials.

The concept, of a wood-burning hot tub for outdoors, also puts the focus on slowing down and enjoying the experience; from gathering wood and dry branches to making the fire and finally slipping into the hot water while taking in the scents and sights of the surrounding nature. Crafted in Canada, each wood-burning hot tub is durable and easy to assemble. The sustainable materials are chemical-free and make recycling the hot tub at the end of its life easy. Finally, the spacious but compact design suits a wide range of spaces, from terraces to large wooden decks or gardens. Launched on November 1, 2021, Goodland’s wood-burning stove costs $5,795. The first series sold out quickly, but the company has opened pre-orders for January/February 2022. Photography© Brit Gill, Thom Fougere.

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