A colorful lighting series inspired by sprinkles.

Designed by Stockholm-based Note Design Studio for Zero Lighting, the Sprinkle series takes inspiration from an unlikely source: cake decorations. More specifically, colorful sprinkles. The series effortlessly blends minimalist design with a range of vibrant or more neutral colors, offering a creative lighting solution for both residential and commercial spaces. Simple and versatile, the aluminum and steel pendants feature a cylindrical shape made with five stacked rings. Inside this metal cage, there’s a central LED that is also conveniently dimmable. As a result, the pendants illuminate spaces and distribute the light with a play of light, shadow, and different transparencies.

The minimal design looks at home anywhere thanks to its simple geometry. The pendants can easily play the role of a main light in a room or they can become a part of an ensemble of lights in larger spaces like coffee shops, restaurants, or meeting areas. Made from quality steel and aluminum, the Sprinkle series also comes with matching fabric cords. Zero Lighting offers the design in six colorways: the more vibrant red, yellow, and blue, as well as the neutral brown, black and oyster white options. Bespoke colors are also available on request. Finally, the company values sustainability and local manufacturing. More than 80% of the brand’s manufacturing takes places within 200 km of their headquarters. Plus, Zero Lighting assembles all products in their workshop in Nybro, Sweden. Photography© Zero Lighting.

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