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An important part of Nordic culture, saunas provide the ultimate relaxation experience. Whether built in cold mountainous landscapes or in a warm climate as a getaway from urban living, these structures offer the ideal way to disconnect from the fast pace of modern lifestyles, even if just for a  short time. Modern sauna architecture uses ingenious design features to make the most of a simple and traditional concept. Like any other type of architecture, saunas vary from Scandinavian minimalism to industrial and even conceptual design.

Made for the same purpose, saunas differ hugely both in their aesthetics and features. These sauna architecture examples provide a glimpse at the incredible range of designs. In homes that integrate a sauna room in their floor plan, these spaces usually follow the same architectural principles and even the choice of materials of the dwelling they enhance. Other saunas are specifically designed for public use. Built on industrial sites or on reclaimed islands that also feature historical ruins, these saunas welcome people to take a break and unwind in spectacular settings.

Striking and ingenious sauna architecture projects reveal the creativity of the studios who brought them to life. A golden egg that looks more like a modern sculpture belonging in a museum, installed in a snowy landscape that make its color stand out from afar. A floating sauna that offers access to swimming, lounging, and sunbathing areas to provide the complete leisure experience. Some traditional designs also curate picturesque views to encourage nature contemplation and meditation, linking the sauna to its setting.


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