When gardening is more than just a hobby, every tool and accessory needs to be just right. Thankfully, now you can find a wider range of products that blend function and style. Here, we have put together a list with the best gifts for the gardener who also loves contemporary design. From scissors and secateurs to boots, aprons, and plant markers, these are some of the most elegant, high-quality, and durable products created for those with a green thumb. Looking for the best gift for a gardener who has everything? Chances are, you’ll find something here, as we’ve created a diverse selection of designs to cover all the bases.


BJStikkan Cast Iron Wood Splitter

An efficient wood splitter.

Scandinavian in both design and build, this wood splitter offers a highly efficient solution to split logs with minimal effort. This ingenious product has a sharp blade with a handle that allows the user to cut wood with less effort and more accuracy compared to a traditional ax. This wood splitter is also safer to use as the user has complete control over the cutting process. Furthermore, this product is crafted to last and to work exceptionally well for a long time. Made from cast iron with only two major parts, the wood splitter doesn’t have components that can break and comes with a blade that can be easily sharpened. Works with logs of up to 40 cm in length. Designed and built in Sweden, each product features cast iron parts from Denmark.

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Niwaki Garden Scissors Holster

A beautiful leather holster for garden scissors.

Made by Niwaki, this Garden Scissors Holster is one of the best gifts for the gardener in your life. Scissors are one of the most used tools in gardening, so having a quality, durable holster is a must. This product is both heavy-duty and elegant. Made from 3.5mm leather, this holster features copper rivets and hand-stitched details made with double-ply, waxed thread. The holster easily attaches to a belt, allowing the user to keep garden scissors secure but also close at hand. Made in two sizes, small and large, this Niwaki Garden Scissors Holster has a light natural color that will turn darker and richer over time and with use. Plus, the natural material makes each product one of a kind.

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Niwaki Wakui Outdoor Knife

A versatile knife for outdoor enthusiasts.

When thinking about the best gift for gardeners, a large knife might not be the first thing that springs to mind. Which makes this idea perfect to surprise a gardening fan. The Niwaki Wakui Outdoor Knife is incredibly versatile and heavy-duty. It suits a wide range of applications, from camping and hunting to wood cutting. The knife comes with a hand-forged Shirogami white paper steel blade and a traditional, Nata-shaped handle with a steel hand guard. Crafted from Japanese white oak, the ergonomic handle features a dark finish completed with natural persimmon juice. Made in Sanjo, Japan, this utility knife comes with a leather sheath. This product is perfect for cutting tree branches and thicker bushes.

Buy $280

Niwaki Shokunin Leather Bag

An elegant tool carrying bag.

If you’re looking for gifts for the gardener who loves minimalist design, this Niwaki Shokunin Leather Bag may be the perfect option. Elegant and simple, this leather bag is also practical and well-made. It’s crafted from 3mm leather with a natural color and firm poppers for easy opening and closing. Stitching in a matching color completes the design. The handles make carrying the bag easy, whether it’s empty or filled with tools, accessories, and smaller items. Plus, this leather bag will gain more character over time as the surface of the natural material will darken and develop a unique texture with use.

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Sophie Conran Precision Secateurs

An elegant design.

If you thought gardening shears can’t look elegant, you haven’t seen the Sophie Conran collection from Burgon & Ball. A great gift for the gardener who appreciates contemporary design, the Sophie Conran Precision Secateurs are both refined and efficient. They feature curved handles that offer a firm grip and fine tips that optimize precision. As a result, this tool is ideal for tasks that require extra accuracy. The secateurs are double-bladed and can cut through both woody stems and green growth with ease. A brass lock secures the blades when not in use. Crafted from stainless steel and brass, these secateurs resist rusting and are durable. Plus, they come already packaged for giving away as a gift in a tissue-lined box.

Buy $34

Sophie Conran Secateurs

A garden pruner with a stylish design.

We had to include another design from the Burgon & Ball Sophie Conran collection on our list of the best gifts for the gardener in your life. These secateurs are practical and effective in cutting green growth but also look beautiful. They feature refined curves and a blend of quality stainless steel and brass. Easy to use and comfortable to hold, this garden pruning tool cuts cleanly through green growth of up to 2cm in diameter. The carefully chosen materials resist rust and are long-lasting. Like the other secateurs from this range, this product features a locking mechanism that keeps the blades closed when needed. These secateurs come in a tissue-lined box, ready to give as gift.

Buy $44

Sentei Japanese Secateurs

Handmade gardening secateurs.

Founded in the 1860s,  Toyama Hamono specializes in metal gardening tools that are both practical and extra-durable. This design is no exception. Handmade in Japan, the Sentei Japanese Secateurs feature high carbon steel blades with edges that boast a convex curve. Each blade is hand-forged and sharpened according to age-old methods.  As a result, these secateurs cut small branches and green growth with precision. Like the blades, the handles are crafted to perfection using a drop forge technique. Ideal as a gift for gardeners who appreciate the quality of handcrafted objects, the Toyama Hamono Sentei Japanese Secateurs also come with a blade sheath.

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Werkstätten Haus Hall Flower Press

An elegant and sturdy flower press.

Creating a collection of pressed plants is easy with this practical design from Werkstätten Haus Hall. A natural addition to our list of gifts for the gardener who also likes products made from natural materials, this flower press comes with two plywood boards and a jute strap. To use, simply place the plants of flowers on the provided blotting paper and secure the press with the clip that firmly holds the linen strap in place. This kit includes the flower press as well as 12 A4 cards and blotting paper. It’s the ideal gift for gardeners who love to preserve the beauty of their favorite plants.

Buy $70

Manufactum Boot Tree

A convenient storage space for gardening boots.

Not all these gifts for skilled gardeners are focused on the garden itself. Some designs provide a convenient way to organize or store other accessories related to gardening. Like this Manufactum Boot Tree. Made from lacquered beech plywood, this boot tree provides room for two pairs of boots. The user can simply store them side by side to air them out and allow the dirt to dry out for easier cleaning. The rounded cut-outs fit boots of any size, for more convenience. Plus, the design ensures that rubber boots don’t fold or buckle. Perfect for entryways, this Boot Tree comes in two sizes, that suit two or three pairs of boots, respectively.

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Lehman’s Canvas Garden Apron

A convenient apron with six pockets.

Every gardener needs a quality apron, but this one from Lehman’s is especially practical. Made with a blend of canvas and polyester for more durability, this garden apron features not one or two, but six pockets in different sizes. This allows the user to keep smaller tools and items like seed packets and twine close at hand. Plus, a phone easily fits into one of the larger pockets. Apart from these handy compartments, the apron also comes with adjustable neck and waist straps. The length of the apron also protects the leg area, which means that the user can even kneel in the garden. Heavy-duty, this split canvas apron is rugged and long-lasting.

Buy $21

Bradleys the Anti-Bramble Gauntlet

Handmade leather gloves.

Gardeners need quality gloves that can protect them from thorns and sharp plants like brambles. Which is why the Heritage Anti-Bramble Gauntlet from Bradleys the Tannery is the best gift for the gardener in your life. Handmade, these gloves are crafted from leather and feature a full saddle hide leather cuff that offers excellent protection against any plants that may cut or puncture the skin. Available in two versions, with brown or black cuffs, and in two sizes, these leather gloves are as durable and high-quality as they are beautiful. Like all leather products, the gauntlet will develop a distinctive patina and texture.

Buy $50

Bradleys Leather Knee Pads

A handy way to care for plants in comfort.

Blending style and function, the Bradleys the Tannery Heritage Leather Knee Pads offer an efficient way to work in a garden in complete comfort. The design protects the knees and the pants’ fabric while working. Padding also makes kneeling more comfortable, even for more prolonged periods of time. Made to order, each pair is crafted from quality leather and comes with an elasticated Velcro strap that makes securing the knee pads as easy and convenient as possible. The design has a universal fit and comes in three versions: Green, Brown and Pink. The perfect gift for the gardener who likes to care for plants in a more hands-on way.

Buy $44

Niwaki Garden Shears

A perfect tool for hedges and topiary.

Specially designed for shrubs, hedges, and topiary, the Niwaki Garden Shears are some of the best gift for gardeners. These versatile shears allow the user to trim and cut hedges with ease thanks to the hard-wearing and sharp blades made from SK steel. Oak handles provide the perfect grip and feature subtly raised bumps that mark the ideal position for the hands to ensure optimal balance. We love the standard version of these garden shears, but you can also find them in a long version. A leather sheath is also available separately. Each pair of shears is made in Sanjo, Japan, in a family-owned factory that specializes in producing metal objects that blend traditional blacksmithing and modern techniques.

Buy $100

Copper Plant Markers

An elegant set of markers for gardens and plant pots.

Keeping a garden looking pristine and elegant is easy with these Kinsman Company Copper Plant Markers. Made from galvanized steel, they feature copper labels that provide plenty of room to write the name of plants. Ideal for flower beds and pots, the labels are easy to insert into soft or more compacted soil. The copper surface suits grease pencils, providing a convenient way to mark the planted seeds. The set comes with 25 markers and wire frames made from steel and copper. Safe to say, it’s one of the best gifts for the gardener who likes practical designs that don’t compromise on style.

Buy $21

Barebones Timber Saw

A practical wood saw with a curved blade.

Perfect for cutting branches and pruning trees, the Barebones Timber Saw has a special design that optimizes function. The curved blade and sharp teeth allow the user to cut branches and deadwood quickly and efficiently in a safe and comfortable manner. The ergonomic walnut handle fits perfectly in the hand, providing a comfortable solution to apply even pressure while cutting. Made from stainless steel, the blade measures 10’’ in length. The saw also features a wood handle with a copper lanyard hole for easy storage. This product comes ready to give as a gift for a gardener, as the package includes a polyester sheath with full-grain leather accents and a copper-finished closure.

Buy $65

Niwaki Golden Spade

A stylish spade with a golden finish.

Surprise the gardener in your life with a practical gift that is also extra-refined. Part of the Niwaki collection, this aluminum spade has a golden finish with a matte surface. Ideal for digging, planting, or mixing cement, the spade is also lightweight and strong. It also features a comfortable handle made of tubular steel with a firm tread and a rigid steel pipe shaft. A cotton canvas bag allows the user to carry the spade along with several other gardening tools. Inside the bag, removable dividers provide an easy way to organize tools like shears, secateurs, or smaller accessories. Two smaller compartments also offer extra room for other utensils. The cotton canvas bag is water-resistant and padded to protect the tools from the elements.

Buy $134

LaCrosse Footwear Alpha Muddy

Boots designed for muddy terrain.

Made by renowned footwear brand LaCrosse, the Alpha Muddy boot is one of the best gifts for the gardener in your life. The boot is perfect for everyday jobs in the garden, regardless of weather conditions. Built with a hand-laid, natural rubber material and an insulating neoprene interior, the Alpa Muddy is both waterproof and comfortable to wear. The boot also has a convenient slip-on design with pull tabs, a side stretch panel, and a cozy, secure fit to keep the foot in place while walking. A quick-drying mesh allows the materials to breathe and also cools the interior for extra comfort. Finally, the Aqua outsole provides the right blend of traction and support.

Buy $120

Puebco Florist Jute Sheet

A practical sheet made of natural jute.

Created with convenience in mind, the Puebco Florist Jute Sheet offers a convenient solution to collect hedge trimmings and other cut plants. Made from natural jute, the sheet has durable nylon handles on all four corners. This allows the user to gather up the handles together and carry the garden waste securely. The natural jute material features distinctive textures and may have knots and fiber fragments. While rigid at first, the material becomes softer with use. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the Florist Jute Sheet is easy to clean and durable. The fabric also features a stenciled logo in one corner.

Buy $52

De Castelli Opera Garden

A complete garden maintenance set.

Designed by Alessandro Masturzo for Italian brand De Castelli, Opera is as stylish as it is practical. The set is the ultimate gift for gardeners as it includes several crucial tools. Made from Corten steel and wood, the set comprises nine different pieces: a bucket, a fruit picker, a weeder, a hoe, a shovel, a rake, a water holder, a plowshare, and a stand with holding brackets. However, the set also doubles as a decorative object. Inspired by rural living, the utensils feature simple lines in a minimalist interpretation of traditional gardening tools.

Buy $2500

Opinel No.12 Folding Saw

A folding saw made with a carbon steel blade.

A must-have for gardeners and camping enthusiasts in equal measure, the Opinel No.12 Carbon Steel Folding Saw is incredibly practical and versatile. Lightweight but rugged and durable, this saw can easily cut though thicker branches of up to 4 inches. It features a Sandvik 12C27 carbon stainless steel blade that resists corrosion and requires only standard maintenance. The carbon content also makes the blade easier to sharpen. Apart from a beech wood handle, the saw also features a patented safety ring that keeps the blade either locked open or locked shut. Ideal as a gift for a gardener, this product comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Buy $36

Nanban Raka Foldable Rubber Boots

A pair of soft and lightweight foldable boots.

The best gifts for the gardener you want to surprise are the ones they’ll actually love to use. Like these Raka Foldable Rubber Boots. Made in Hokkaidō, Japan, from quality rubber originally made for local rice farmers, these boots are durable and rugged as well as lightweight and soft. The folding design allows the user to save storage space and to also transport the footwear with ease if needed. The direct vulcanization manufacturing process ensures greater durability along with extra softness. At the same time, this technique takes time and patience, which means that these boots are carefully made, not mass produced. The name Raka means “harvest” in a local Hokkaidō language, giving a hint to their original function.

Buy $150

Arne Jacobsen Hygrometer 12cm

A practical tool created by an iconic designer.

Every gardener needs a good hygrometer, but design lovers will surely appreciate the elegant simplicity of the Bankers Hygrometer created by none other than Arne Jacobsen. Based on the Bankers Clock originally designed by the iconic designer in 1971 for the National Bank in Copenhagen, this version from 2015 measures humidity instead of the passage of time. The ABS case features a mineral glass lens over a white dial with different markers and a single hand. At the center, there’s a red dot – the only touch of color. Inside the case, there’s an in-house made mechanical mvt movement. Ideal as a gift for gardeners who want to monitor the humidity levels in a greenhouse.

Buy $145

Toyama Hamono Okubo Bonsai Scissors

A beautiful design with butterfly-style handles.

While originally designed with bonsai trimming in mind, these beautiful scissors are ideal for general gardening tasks and pruning. Part of the Hidehisa collection made by heritage Japanese brand Toyama Hamono, the Okubo scissors are elegant and convenient at the same time. They feature butterfly-style handles that ensure a perfect grip (even with gloves) and sharp blades that cut with precision, every time. The scissors suit anything from smaller twigs to roses and other plants and flower stems. Crafted by hand using special techniques, the high-carbon steel blade is extra-sharp and tough. The handles feature natural coloring, without any chemicals, making the entire product environmentally friendly. One of the bets gifts for the gardener who appreciates Japanese design and craftsmanship.

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