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The Eone Switch Watch

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The innovative Eone watch concept, revamped with a dial-changing design.

Inspired by the spirit of inclusion and accessibility, Eone makes imaginative watches that allow the user to tell the time either by sight or by touch. The company’s timepieces feature an innovative ball bearing system with spheres that move on different tracks to show the current hour and minute. Touching the spheres provides an easy way to check the time, especially for people who are sighted, blind, or deaf-blind. The latest watch in the brand’s collection takes the signature Eone design to a new level of ingenuity and versatility. Aptly named Switch, the watch features a cutting-edge dial-changing design with interchangeable rings that offer the freedom to choose a specific look for the watch.

A clever solution to instantly switch the dial of the watch.

Each Switch watch comes with two included rings that attach to the outer section of the dial. One of them features minimalist 12-hour markings that remind of Eone’s signature Bradley watch. The other boasts an intricate guilloche-style pattern based on Fibonacci spirals that are found everywhere from nature to architecture. To make the changing of rings as easy as possible, Eone designed a twist-lock mechanism that is similar to the way lenses attach to camera. As a result, the user doesn’t need any tools to change the look of the dial in seconds.

Switch also features other improvements. These include a new case with a soft hexagonal shape and details that improve tactility to tapered outer walls that improve the visibility of the sphere that marks the minutes. Improved tracks increase the durability of the ball bearing system and also make the dial look sleeker. Inside the stainless steel case, there’s a modified Swiss Ronda quartz movement that tells the time with accuracy. A mesh bracelet completes the design.

Launched through a Kickstarter campaign, the Eone Switch watch comes in three colors: Silver, Black and Rose Gold. Each version has a matching bracelet and comes with two interchangeable rings. The watch will have a retail price of $360 but super early bird packages start from $295. The campaign lasts from October 19 to November 19, 2021, with estimated deliveries starting in February 2022. Photographs© Eone.

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