A high-speed e-bike that aims to redefine urban cycling.

In the race to make the perfect urban bike, VanMoof has edged ahead of the pack with an innovative design. Named V, this is the company’s first high-speed e-bike and features a range of cutting-edge details. While still in development, the electric bicycle will make it debut in 2022. Until then, the company has released a set of specs for the design. Firstly, this high-speed e-bike leaves even other VanMoof bikes in a cloud of dust, as it can reach up to 31 miles per hour. The bike has two motors instead of one and provides more power and advanced acceleration than other urban bicycles. Secondly, the VanMoof V has a two-wheel drive and a full suspension frame.

Integrated speed settings that match the owner’s country regulations are also included in this build, along with a turbo boost feature. Made with a robust but lightweight aluminum frame and thick tires, the bike ensures a smooth riding experience. And that applies to lower and higher speeds in equal measure. Other features include a 700Wh internal battery and next-gen integrated tech. The latter include automated gears and the signature VanMoof Kick Lock and theft defense system for extra peace of mind. An optional PowerBank that extends the range of the bike will also be available when the VanMoof V high-speed e-bike lunches in 2022. Photographs© VanMoof.

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