Coffee lovers are usually particular when it comes to the best way to prepare coffee. They often use manual coffee grinders to ensure optimal freshness. And many of them also prefer the French press method that ensures a more flavorful cup by allowing oils from the ground beans to seep into the water. While popular throughout Europe for decades, this coffee brewing method has only recently become more mainstream in coffee shops in the US. This list of best French press coffee makers will help you find the perfect modern French press for your home, so you can enjoy your favorite coffee to the fullest, every day.


Yield 850 ml Ceramic French Press

A minimalist twist on the classic cafetiere, the Yield 850 ml Ceramic French Press is simple and simply elegant. It features a stylish design with a cylindrical body, an angular handle, and a cream color with a high-gloss finish to look fantastic in any kitchen. The thick wall build ensures that coffee stays hot and fresh for longer. Made from ceramic, this coffee maker comes with a fine steel mesh filter and a copper handle on the lid.

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Theo French Press by Stelton

Designed by Francis Cayouette for Stelton, the Theo French Press blends Japanese and Scandinavian influences. This award-winning, modern French press design features an understated aesthetic and complementing materials. Crafted from black stoneware, it features a matte finish on the exterior and a glazed surface on the interior. A wooden lid completes the design and adds a touch of rustic warmth to this minimalist coffee maker.

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Eva Solo’s Nordic Kitchen Thermo Cafetiere

Part of the Eva Solo Nordic Kitchen collection, the Thermo Cafetiere celebrates the elegant simplicity of Scandinavian design. It’s a perfect choice for our list of best French press cafetieres. The coffee maker is crafted from stainless steel and features a brushed matte finish. The oak wood handle has a rounded form to provide a comfortable grip, while the spout’s design ensures you can pour coffee drip-free. Thanks to the 1 liter capacity and the double-layer vacuum insert, the Thermo Cafetiere can brew up to eight cups of coffee at a time and keep them hot for longer.

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Coffee Press by Jia

With the Coffee Press by Jia, you can make even French press coffee more flavorful. That’s because this modern French press has a purple clay build. Originally discovered in China around 1,000-2,000 AD, this material has a porous surface that absorbs flavors, which means that it will develop a unique fragrance over time, whether you want to use it for coffee or tea. Completed with a black hue and a matte finish, this coffee maker also features an oversized side handle and a rounded lid handle, both made from natural bamboo wood.

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French Press from Espro

Keep your coffee hot for longer with this modern French press from Espro. Designed with a double-walled stainless steel build with an insulated lid, it will ensure that your freshly brewed coffee remains hot for hours. This cafetiere also comes with a patented double micro-filter that offers twice the filtering power of a standard press. A twist-lock that make separation and cleaning easier and an elegant matte finish complete the design.

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POT by House Doctor

The elegant POT from House Doctor is one of the best French press options for those who love minimalist design. Doubling as a decorative item, this French press boasts a matte gray surface and a stylish lid handle with a golden brass finish. Crafted with a blend of porcelain (80%) and stainless steel (20%), POT is as durable as it is beautiful. Plus, it looks great in any décor, from classic to modern.

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Love to enjoy your coffee with friends or prefer to make more cups at a time? The casaWare modern French coffee press is a great choice for you. It has a 32-ounce capacity and can make coffee for two to four people. Like other French presses on our list, this product is designed with convenience in mind. It features a double-walled stainless steel build and a locking lid with heat protection to keep the coffee hot for up to six hours. Other features include an ultra-fine mesh for clean coffee with full flavor and a wooden handle with an ergonomic shape.

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Fellow Clara French Press

Designed with both coffee quality and function in mind, the Clara French Press from San Francisco-based Fellow is a perfect choice for coffee lovers. This elegant French press looks great in any kitchen and also makes coffee brewing easy and fun. Made from stainless steel with a double vacuum body, Clara features coffee and water lines on the interior for more convenience. It comes with an agitation stick to easily extract all the flavors from coffee grounds and features a large press lid, an all-directional pour lid, and an enhanced filtration system. Plus, the non-stick PFOA-free interior makes cleaning as easy as possible.

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Stelton’s EM Press Coffee Maker

Danish brand Stelton has been making iconic tableware, kitchenware, and home accessories for decades. Their EM Press Coffee Maker is beautiful, versatile, and convenient. Designed by Erik Magnussen, it’s meant to look at home in any space thanks to its minimalist aesthetic and classic good looks. One of the best French press coffee makers you can buy, it can make up to eight cups of coffee at a time and keep them warm for loner. A blend of style and function, the design features a rotating lid you can turn to pour the coffee or to close the press.

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Stelton’s AJ French Press

Designed by the iconic Arne Jacobsen, the Stelton AJ French Press is not an ordinary coffee maker. A perfect choice for design lovers, this modern French press features Cylinda-line’s signature curved forms and clean lines. Made from stainless steel, this coffee maker has an enamel finish with a glossy surface. Like other designs from our selection, it has a double-walled construction to retain the heat of the coffee for longer. This version is part of a special collection that celebrates Cylinda-line’s 50th anniversary and features beautiful colors that reference the watercolors, paintings, and textiles created by Arne Jacobsen.

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Bonjour Coffee and Tea Ceramic French Press

A natural addition to our list of modern French press designs, the Bonjour Coffee and Tea Ceramic French Press brings a refined touch to this traditional coffee maker. Crafted from sturdy ceramic, this French press has a glazed finish with a stain-resistant surface and comes with a stainless steel press. A round teak wood handle on the lid completes the design. Easy to use, this coffee maker has a larger capacity of eight cups.

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Le Creuset Stoneware Cafetiere

You can’t go wrong with a classic design. This Stoneware Cafetiere from Le Creuset’s collection is a perfect example. It features an elegant silhouette, curved side handle, and round lid handle. Made from ceramic, this coffee maker has an enamel finish that resists staining, cracking, and chipping while also providing a hygienic, easy to clean surface. As convenient as it is versatile, this design from our list of French press coffee makers is both oven and dishwasher-safe.

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Frieling Aroma French Press

With the Aroma French Press, you can really make it clear that you love minimalist designs. This modern French press from Frieling stands out with a borosilicate glass build. Transparent and refined, this cafetiere brings a stylish accent to the daily coffee making ritual. It has a double-walled design to ensure your coffee stays hot for longer while the 25 fl. oz. capacity provides an easy solution to make several cups of coffee or tea at a time. Finally, the Aroma French Press is conveniently dishwasher-safe.

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Rosendahl Grand Cru Coffee Plunger

Every product in this list of best French press coffee makers is made to last and to provide an easy way to make flavorful coffee every morning. The Rosendahl Grand Cru Coffee Plunger is no exception. Featuring a durable build and a large capacity of 1 liter, or around 33.8 fl. oz, the coffee maker is ideal for those who prefer to make several cups of coffee at a time. This modern French press comes with a dishwasher-safe borosilicate glass insert.

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Coffeemaker Nº3 by Craighton Berman

A celebration of slow living, Coffeemaker Nº3 by Craighton Berman offers an easy solution to brew  great coffee for a group of friends. This coffee maker is suitable for pour-over and French press as well as cold brew coffee. It has a capacity of 40 fl. oz. and a double-walled design that keeps the contents hot or cold for longer. Made from borosilicate glass, this coffee maker also features a matte black porcelain dripper and a stainless steel press with a natural cork lid.

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Bialetti Preziosa French Press

Made by the same Italian brand that introduced the Moka Expres, the Bialetti Preziosa French Press press pay homage to the iconic stovetop espresso maker with a similar ergonomic handle. Made from 18/10 stainless steel and borosilicate glass, this coffee maker features the brand’s l’Omino cutout detail on the front as a mark of authenticity. Perfect for giving more flavor to your favorite coffee, this modern French Press is also great as a gift for coffee lovers and fans of Italian design.

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WMF Kult Coffee French Press

Stylish and creatively designed, the WMF Kult Coffee French Press is a natural choice for our list of French press coffee makers. It features a stainless steel base with a matte finish and an angled handle placed lower than standard cafetieres. The insert is made from heat-resistant glass and comes with a stainless steel press and a rounded lid handle. Ideal for up to eight cups of coffee, this product is easy to clean as all the parts are dishwasher-safe.

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