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Goodnow Farms Chocolate

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Award-winning, single-origin chocolate made with ethically sourced cacao beans.

After tasting some premium quality craft chocolate in a vintage furniture shop in LA, Tom and Monica Rogan realized that well-made artisan chocolate bursts with flavor compared to mass-produced products. In 2015, the couple moved to a 225-year-old farm in Sudbury, Massachusetts. A year later, they established their own artisan chocolate brand and started producing the finest single origin chocolate. By 2018, Goodnow Farms received prestigious industry awards, including the coveted Good Food Award, followed by many others. And the secret of their success? A combination of good choices, hard work, and a dedication to complete every step of the manufacturing process in-house.

Every Goodnow Farm chocolate bar starts with the selection of the best single origin cacao beans from Latin America. The team works closely with local farmers; they compensate them fairly for their cacao beans and also ensure that they use sustainable farming practices. By using only single origin beans for each variety of chocolate, Goodnow Farms highlights the authentic flavors of cacao beans. While time consuming and complex, the in-house manufacturing process offers the company complete control over each stage. After a specially calibrated roasting that makes the most of each cacao bean variety, the team grinds the beans then molds and the hand-wraps the bars. Goodnow Farms chocolate has no additives, but contains organic sugar and freshly-pressed cocoa butter, also made in-house.

The company’s handcrafted collection includes many award-winning chocolate bars, from 77% cacao bars made with beans from Mexico, Nicaragua, or Guatemala, to the special 100% cacao bar. Chocolate lovers can also choose between delicious bars with coffee, whiskey, maple sugar, or almonds, or try new additions like the milk chocolate bar with 55% cacao and Organic West milk. Collection sets are also available, along with hot cocoa in different varieties. Photographs© Goodnow Farms.