Laminimal, Minimalist Furniture Inspired by California

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Timeless and sustainable furniture inspired by Swiss minimalism and laid-back California vibes.

Founded by Swiss designer Simone Viola and American entrepreneur Joseph Boyraz, Laminimal is a new furniture design company based in Southern California. Like its name implies, the brand makes furniture with a blend of minimalist Swiss design and a modern take on the California Cool style. The collection comprises pieces of furniture and accessories that take inspiration from the effortlessly stylish and laid-back vibes of Los Angeles while also enhancing minimalist designs with clever and functional details. The collection also pays homage to California’s cultural and design movements of the early and mid-twentieth century.

Celebrating the distinctive Modernist style, Laminimal creates elegant furniture that is both timeless and sustainable. The company controls the entire production process, from concept to manufacturing and packaging. Thus, Laminimal can ensure that each piece of furniture has a high-quality build and finish. Furthermore, the materials are sustainably sourced and recycled/recyclable or renewable wherever possible. For example, the steel parts are fully recyclable, the powder-coating finish is eco-friendly, and the textiles are either made from renewable materials like wool or cotton, or from 100% recycled polyester.

The Laminimal collection.

Designed by Simone Viola, the brand’s collection currently comprises four series of chairs and tables. Satao draws inspiration from the shape of elephant ears. The range’s name refers to Satao, one of Kenya’s largest elephants and one of the last giant tuskers in the world. The collection features chairs with distinctive backrests. Extra-wide, the backrests have curved shapes and a mesh metal surface. As a result, each chair is lightweight and refined as well as suitable for indoor and outdoor use. This series consists of a chair, a lounge chair, a barstool, and a counter stool. Finally, the chair and the lounge chair have conveniently stackable designs.

For the Unia collection, the designer combined vintage and modern styles in a classy chic deign. Made with only two steel tubes, the frames of the chairs curve to create rounded armrests and angled legs. The one-piece design of the backrest and seat also give the chairs a distinctive look. Unia comprises a chair, barstool, and lounge chair, all of them suitable for residential as well as hospitality or contract settings.

Versatile tables for indoor and outdoor spaces.

To accompany the Laminimal chair series, Simone Viola designed the Sans and the Alfie table collections. Sans features two designs made with solid steel rods that support a metal plate. Welded together, the parts create a monoblock piece. The name refers to the sans-serif fonts; admiring the tables you can instantly see why. One steel rod has a curved shape, which makes the tables look like different letters of the alphabet, depending on the viewing angle. The semicircle section also doubles as a handle. Plus, Sans suits both indoor and outdoor use. The Alfie tables come in two sizes and feature a surprising detail on the top. A notch on one side allows the user to grab the table to move it with ease or to place a towel or other items and accessories. Made with a powder-coated metal frame, each table features a HPL top made from fine-grained natural soil. Like other tables from the brand’s collection, Alfie is suitable for outdoor areas. Photography© 

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