Maison Tamboite, Custom Bicycles Designed As Works of Art

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Celebrating classic style and Parisian craftsmanship, these bespoke bikes look like artworks.

Established in the early 1900s, Maison Tamboite Paris is a family-run bicycle manufacturer with deep roots in the Parisian craft, design, and fashion scene. From the beginning, their bike shop nestled in between Montmartre and Les Batignolles attracted a discerning clientele. Over the years, Maison Tamboite bikes became favorites of renowned figures like Joséphine Baker, Marlene Dietrich, Maurice Chevalier, Sarah Bernhardt, Charles Trenet, and Edith Piaf, among others. In the seventies, the company moved away from the artisan world in favor of new technology, but now the brand has returned to its origins with a complete dedication to traditional craftsmanship.

Crafted by hand in the company’s Parisian workshop, each custom bicycle is a work of art. Their classical elegance and refinement pays tribute to the archetypal bicycle. At the same time, the company combines technology and craftsmanship to bring the bespoke “haute couture” bikes to life. Apart from the fine chromed and enameled steel frames, the bikes also feature leather and wood accents.

Made in a collaboration with textile company Dormeuil, the new Maison Tamboite “Le Fauve my tailor is chic” series evokes the world of fashion and high-end design. The bikes feature removable fabric coverings; an easy solution to change the personality of the design according to the user’s outfit or mood. The silk, wool, and linen textiles come from the Dormeuil Spring/Summer 2020 collection. Customers will also be able to choose from the Fall/Winter range.

A complex customization process.

In a similar way to the world of haute couture fashion, the manufacturing process focuses on customization. Each bike is specially made for its owner, with fifteen personal measurements required for a perfect result. Customers can also choose a range of options for their build. Apart from the color and finish of the enamel, they can also select the type and tint of the leather saddle and handlebars, color of the wood tray boxes, and the hues of the curved beech rims. Finally, Maison Tamboite Paris offers the option to add a 2-speed, electric, or hybrid transmission.

The meticulous process of bringing a bespoke bike to life, from the first measurements to delivery, takes four months. As a result, one can expect to pay from 11,000 to 15,500 euros for a Maison Tamboite Paris bicycle. For many a collector’s item, for others a way to make a statement, the company’s bikes are nevertheless veritable artworks and the embodiment of Parisian style. Photographs© Maison Tamboite Paris.

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