A modular table lamp designed with a minimalist three-legged structure.

Beautifully designed lighting always doubles as a decorative accent, whether it’s a sculptural or a minimalist lamp, pendant light, or wall sconce. Diatomea is also a stylish and innovative example of contemporary Italian design. Created by design studio Salienti for lighting brand Martinelli Luce, this table lamp is as intriguing as it is elegant. Diatomea features an ultra-minimalist and understated design that invites the user to interact with the metal structure and arrange it to suit different needs. Made with a few simple elements, the lamp features two external cylindrical legs which connect to a central pillar.

All three legs provide support to two horizontal segments which contain the LED lights. Entirely flexible, these simple columns move on a 360° angle. As a result, they can direct the light concentrated in the same spot or in a linear way. In addition, this table and desk light doubles as an ambient floor lamp if needed. As convenient as it is creative, Diatomea has a modular design that allows expansion. The user can attach modules to extend the construction horizontally. The extended lamp suits residential spaces – a dinner table, for example – and office areas or meeting rooms. Martinelli Luce will introduce the Diatomea lamp at the international lighting exhibition Euroluce 2023, which takes place in Milan between 18 and 23 April. Photography © Salienti.

Martinelli Luce Diatomea Lamp

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