A handmade, eco-friendly hot tub inspired by nature and traditional spas.

UK-based Koto designs and produces energy neutral, prefab, handcrafted, and conveniently modular homes and cabins inspired by the understated elegance of Scandinavian design. To mark the introduction of the Koto Elements series, the studio has launched the Koto wood fired hot tub. Similarly to Koto’s minimalist houses and cabins, the hot tub is beautifully designed and crafted. Inspired by traditional spas and the connection between body, mind and nature, this hot tub heated with fire provides a relaxing spa experience in one’s own garden or outdoor living space. The design also follows slow living principles. It aims to offer a convenient solution to slow down, disconnect from the hectic pace of modern living and then reconnect with our inner selves and with each other.

Made to accommodate 2-4 people, the Koto hot tub blends heavy duty granite and thermo-treated wood. Both the interior and the exterior feature a black finish. Even the tension bands, the thermo wood cover, the thermo wood steps, and the internal boiler boast a black coating with a matte surface. This hot tub comes with an ultra-quiet hydro massage system that allows the user(s) to unwind completely. Other features include an LED safety light that illuminates with a warm glow, a stainless steel chimney, and a protection fence that covers the internal boiler.

As for tech specs, the Koto hot tub doesn’t require specialist electronics. It has a water capacity of 1000 liters, or 264 gallons, and a power requirement of 500-700 watts. This hot tub heated with fire is only the first in the Koto Elements series, with the Koto Sleep cabin and a sauna cabin soon to follow. Photography © Olco Studios.

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