Meet the world’s first electric snowbike.

Designed by MoonBikes, a company with headquarters in Boulder, Colorado, the MoonBike revolutionizes winter mobility and recreation with a 100% electric build. The design is innovative – this is the first electric snowbike in the world. Specially developed with convenience in mind, the MoonBike features a front ski and rear track to provide both power and versatility on snow-covered terrain. An ultra-quiet electric motor ensures total silence while also reducing emissions to zero. The direct drive provides 170 N⋅m of torque, offering immediate and highly efficient propelling power reminiscent of an electric vehicle. The snowbike can reach a top speed of 25 mph. Thanks to the compact size, low weight and low center of gravity, it’s a joy to ride. With the PowerPack option, MoonBike has a range of up to three hours. The user can also add a dual battery pack to double the range.

Additionally, this electric snowbike is extremely compact, making transportation as easy as possible. With a width of only 28 inches, it fits into the bed of a truck or a hitch carrier. Significantly lighter than a snowmobile, MoonBike is also smaller – around one-third of the size of an average snowmobile, or 163 lbs without a battery. Paired with the electric motor, this snowbike provides a sustainable alternative to the gas-guzzling, noisy, and heavy snowmobiles. MoonBikes has partnered with Bosch to manufacture these electric snowbikes in the French Alps. The company’s first production run quickly sold out in the U.S. via its direct-to-consumer site. Now, MoonBikes has launched a new run for eco-conscious, winter recreation and winter sports enthusiasts. Available in black, white, and red colors, the electric snowbike has a starting price of $8,900, with a range of custom options also available. Photographs © MoonBikes.

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