The MOVEA E-Bike

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A stylish and innovative bike designed for urban commuters.

It’s 2018. In cities around the US, from New York City to Los Angeles, the number of bike commuters continues to rise. Of course, the range of available options also expands accordingly. Yet few new bicycles manage to blend style, function, and the latest tech quite as well as MOVEA does. And it’s no wonder. The brand’s electric bike small wheels concept was developed by Danish bicycle specialist Lars Jensen, who has over two decades of experience in the industry, and was designed by award-winning designer Anders Hermansen, who created some beautiful designs for renowned audio brand Bang & Olufsen.

Compact and elegant, the MOVEA E-bike features a minimalist aesthetic that celebrates Scandinavian design as well as function. It comes with a front rack that allows the user to keep an eye on a bag while riding. This design decision also adds a distinctive look to the bicycle. Apart from the eye-catching front-cargo solution, the e-bike boasts smaller wheels. It’s a clever way to allow for faster acceleration and easier climbing along with improved steering and maneuverability.

More than just a cool bike that is fun to ride, the innovative MOVEA bicycle comes with a self-charging Italian 250 W Zehus Bike system. The 30 V Loin 160 Wh battery, charger and electronics are all hidden inside an aluminum hub to keep the design clean and simple. The “Turbo” mode provides continuous assistance up 15 mph for up to 60 miles, while the front and rear Tektro quality disc brakes ensure optimal brake response in any weather conditions. All of the bike’s premium quality components are also rust-free, for more peace of mind. Made with mechanic disk brakes and a carbon drive belt, the bike ensures that no oil stains will ruin your outfit while riding to work. And because it weighs only 12,9 kg, or about 28.5 lbs, the bike is easy to carry when needed.

Finally, since this is a modern urban commuter, it comes with smart features. The user can connect to the Movea Zehus device via Bluetooth and the iOS and Android-compatible app. With a smartphone, you can select the mode, lock the bike, and change other features. Knowing all this, it comes as no surprise that MOVEA’s electric bike small wheels design has already received attention before its official release date. The concept has received Cyclingworld Award nominations in two categories: “Best Design” and “Best e Bike.”

Launched on May 3 2018 on Indiegogo, the bike comes in two sizes, of 20” and 24”, and in a men’s and women’s version. The former is black, while the latter boasts a dark red color. The Danish brand offers 43%-53% price reductions on the future retail prices in the early bird packages. These include the MOVEA E-bike as well as the MOVEA 8-speed version, which doesn’t have an electric drive. If you want to be one of the lucky ones to pre-order one of these bikes, get ready. Both of the early bird package include only 30 bikes. Photographs© MOVEA.

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