A curated selection of eco friendly gift ideas for the design lovers in your life.

The holiday season is approaching fast, but you can easily avoid the gift buying panic with our list of eco friendly gift ideas. Perfect for those who like contemporary design just as much as they love the environment, these products are also practical and made to last. From wool jackets to handmade ceramic travel mugs, cozy blankets, and air purifiers that look like decorative sculptures, you’ll discover a huge range of great designs here. Fair warning, this selection of eco friendly gift ideas includes some items you’ll like so much that you will probably want to keep to yourself.


Shampoo Bar

Every list of eco friendly gift ideas should include a personal care product. Our choice is something special. Part of the By Humankind collection, this shampoo is not only made with clean ingredients, it also features sustainable packaging meant to reduce your single-use plastic waste. The company offers refills through a subscription service (with free shipping included) in a quest to reduce plastic pollution and the way we think about single-use plastic products. The By Humankind shampoo comes in a bar form. Ethically-made, it features an all-natural formula that suits all hair types. Vegan as well as sulfate and gluten-free, the shampoo comes in scents like peppermint, citrus lavender, or lemongrass, with an unscented option also available.

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The Sill Houseplants

A plant is perhaps the most environmentally friendly and versatile gift you can buy. Thanks to The Sill, you can make the process of finding the perfect plant as easy as possible. The company ships potted plants anywhere in the US and adds simple care instruction to each package. The collection includes a plant for any occasion, preference, and need. Yes, really. You can find heart-shaped plants, succulents, pet-friendly greenery, and houseplants that can handle low lighting conditions.  You can even get a faux plant for that friend everyone has who can’t keep plants alive.

Buy $13 AND UP

Organic Latex Throw Pillow Insert

If you need some eco friendly gift ideas for an interior design lover who has dust or mold allergies, this Organic Latex Throw Pillow Insert is an ideal choice. It provides an easy way to showcase pillowcase designs and enjoy complete comfort at the same time. The filling is made with pure, GOLS-certified organic Dunlop latex that is a natural, renewable, and biodegradable material. This breathable latex rubber is also resistant to mites, dust, and mildew. Plus, it provides a soft yet firm feel but it always bounces up to its original shape.

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Chikuno Cube Air Purifier

Freshen up your home’s air with this award-winning air purifier that also looks like a cool decorative object. Made by Morihata, the Chikuno Cube uses bamboo activated charcoal and clay to remove impurities, moisture, and odors from indoor air. The micro-honeycomb structure optimizes the charcoal’s purification properties while also giving the design a beautiful texture. This air purifier comes with a wooden base and suits rooms of up to 17 sq. ft. as well as closets and refrigerators. Since it’s all natural, the Chikuno Cube is easy to recycle after use.

Buy $136


Created by greenhouse owner Sally Erickson Keeping, Vejibag provides a green alternative to plastic bags and boxes. This soft, virgin French terry fabric bag features organic cotton yarns that help to create a humid but breathable environment to keep vegetables fresh and crisp for longer. While the bag prolongs the life of vegetables, it also helps to reduce food waste. Vejibag comes in three sizes and suits a wide range of vegetables as well as fruit and herbs. Plus, the company makes every bag in the USA, using only organic cotton and ethical manufacturing practices.

Buy $20

Glass Sip Straw, Set of Six

If you’re looking for eco friendly gift ideas with a twist, you’ll love this set of borosilicate glass straws. Reusable and easy to clean, these glass straws work with hot and cold drinks and provide the perfect alternative to both single-use plastic straws and the paper versions. The set includes six straws, all in different colors. There are three designs options available, Dot, Swirl, and Smooth, but we love the minimalist look of the Smooth version. Cleaning brush included.

Buy $25

Cloud Loom Organic Towels

Treat yourself or a friend with a set of fluffy towels that are as soft as they are eco friendly. Made from organic Turkish cotton, the Coyuchi Cloud Loom™ Organic Towels feature fine yarns woven in single loops for optimal water absorption. They are plush as well as lightweight and come in a range of beautiful neutral colors. Options include Alpine White, Undyed, Blush, and Slate. This set includes two bath towels, two hand towels, and two wash cloths, but you can also get the towels in a 4-piece set or as individual items.

Buy $18 AND UP

Talise Smooth Decanter

Embracing slow living and sustainable design often means using multifunctional products. This decanter is a great example and a natural choice for this selection of eco friendly gift ideas. Designed by Felicia Ferrone, the Talise Smooth decanter suits alcoholic drinks and juices but also transforms into a water filter carafe thanks to a removable funnel that works with standard water filters. Made by hand by master glassblowers, the Talise Smooth decanter complements its minimalist good looks with traditional craftsmanship. Safe to say, this is one of the most elegant water filter carafes you can find.

Buy $190

Simple Matters

When it comes to gifts, you can never go wrong with a good book. And this one is perfect for anyone who wants to know more about slow living, eco-friendly choices, and conscious consumption. Simple Matters by Erin Boyle promotes simple living and the ‘less is more’ concept as the key to one’s happiness and the planet’s well-being. The book contains tips and practical advice as well as fun projects and photos that make decluttering living spaces as easy as possible.

Buy $13

Closca Bottle

One of the first and most basic things you can do to change your consumption habits is to replace single-use plastic bottles with a reusable water bottle. However, there’s nothing basic or standard about Closca Bottle Glacier, making it one of the best eco friendly gift ideas. This product has received the prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2018 and it’s easy to see why. It features an innovative silicone strap system that allows you to easily attach the borosilicate glass bottle to a bag, bike, or suitcase. The dual cap system not only makes cleaning easy, but also offers a convenient solution to add fruit or ice to your drinks. An optional infuser is also available.

Buy $44

Leather Strapped Canteen and Lunch Box Set

Replacing plastic lunch boxes with a reusable product is easy when you have the option to buy this leather strapped canteen and lunch box set. Designed by Dick van Hoff for Thomas Eyck, this set includes a bottle and a lunch box crafted from lightweight and durable aluminum. Dark brown leather with elegant stitching holds the two items together. This leather “harness” also offers a convenient way to take the set anywhere, from a daily commute to a mountain bike adventure.

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Eucalyptus Sheets

Transform your bedroom into a haven of relaxation with the Eucalyptus Sheets from Buffy. Made with eco friendly and hypoallergenic eucalyptus yarns, these sheets surpass even cotton and linen in softness and breathability. The fabric feels cool to the touch and becomes softer with every wash. Apart from the classic White option, the sheets also come in Blush, Light Gray, and Dark Gray. To color the sheets in a natural way, the company uses walnut, gardenia, and turmeric for the dyeing process.

Buy $200

Bunad Blanket

Let’s face it, nobody has enough good blankets in their home. And few blankets are as creative or well-made as the Bunad Blanket Nordland from the Fram Oslo collection. Which makes it an obvious choice for this list of eco friendly gift ideas. Inspired by traditional Norwegian folk costumes (“bunad”), the Bunad range recreates the color combinations of different regional costumes. Nordland features the colors of the costumes found in Norway’s three northern regions. Woven from 100% pure new wool, the blanket is soft and warm. Perfect for getting cozy while drinking hot chocolate on a rainy day.

Buy $200

Wool Fleece Jacket

Stay cool while staying warm with this Wool Fleece Jacket from the Best Made Co. range. Perfect as a gift to yourself or to a friend, the jacket is expertly made in Canada from one of the most sustainable materials in the world: wool. Cozy, durable, and a great insulator, this jacket’s wool is also tumble-finished for a more density. Plus, wool is naturally breathable as well as odor, fire, and stain-resistant. Other features of this jacket include hand warmer pockets, elbow patches, and a contrast fabric patch pocket with a snap closure. The Wool Fleece Jacket comes in two versatile colors: Charcoal and Caramel.


Edge Terracotta Teapot

Need some eco friendly gift ideas for a tea lover? We’ve got you covered with the Edge Terracotta Teapot from Danish brand Skagerak. Beautifully designed and crafted, the teapot draws inspiration from the antique amphora while also blending rustic and Nordic design cues. The terracotta teapot has a matte surface on the exterior and glazing on the interior. The handle brings together teak wood and brass, both of which will develop a gorgeous patina over time and with use. A great gift that will enhance the tea making ritual for many years to come.

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Handmade Ceramic Travel Mug

A travel mug should be convenient as well as enjoyable to use. This handmade ceramic travel mug from Portland-based Schoolhouse is a natural addition to our list of eco friendly gift ideas. Made by Veak Ceramics with a traditional wheel throwing method, the ceramic mug features white and butterscotch glazes with a matte finish and a black silicone lid. The mug suits both hot and cold drinks and it’s also microwave-safe.

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Rin Round Trash Can

The Rin Round Trash Can from Yamazaki can make even trash look good. A perfect choice to replace a plastic trash can, this product is made from steel and wood. It has a minimalist design and a white finish, which means that it will look great in any interior and alongside any other colors. Lightweight and compact, the Rin Trash Can is easy to clean and will suit even smaller rooms. Perfect for an office, studio, or living room.

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