Contemporary and vintage furniture and home accessories crafted from natural materials.

Belgian design company Bicci de’ Medici specializes in interior design and product design. Their permanent collection comprises handmade furniture and home accessories crafted from simple but noble, natural materials. Apart from solid wood and stone, the company also uses porcelain, wool, and linen to make timeless products that are as beautiful as they are long-lasting. Bicci de’ Medici focuses on producing furniture and objects that have character and also celebrate traditional craftsmanship. Sustainable design principles also play an important role in the studio’s work.

The Bicci de’ Medici collection features wooden tables and chairs as well as stone bowls, vases, trays, and decorative items. Elegant in their simplicity, the designs also celebrate the beauty and soul of materials that come from nature. Think contemporary, sculptural armchairs that feature rich brown hues and organic textures or travertine vases with porous, rugged surfaces. Artistic designs join more minimalist objects and furniture. Vintage pieces or re-editions of iconic designs are also included in the collection along with found objects.

The handmade Bicci de’ Medici furniture and home accessories come in different finishes and colors. As each one is one of a kind, the designs vary slightly. The best example is a series of stools – which double as side tables – made from different types of marble. Apart from furniture and stoneware, the collection also includes wool rugs and handmade linen pillows. Photography© Bicci de’ Medici.

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