A sustainable design created with flexibility and function in mind.

US brand Steelcase specializes in durable, sustainably made and versatile office furniture. Their collection includes everything from ergonomic office chairs to desks and organization tools. With the Flex Perch stool, the brand introduces the world’s first furniture product that reduces the use of fossil fuel resources through the Ccycling™ initiative. Created in a partnership with BASF, this stool has a sustainable design and an environmentally friendly build. Made from post-consumer electronic waste, this product eliminates the reliance on new plastic and minimizes its carbon footprint.

The Flex Perch stool is also 100% recyclable – not that you’d want to part with it. It has a comfortable seat that slopes subtly for easy maneuverability; this detail also provides a comfortable way to sit while remaining engaged in conversation, leaning forward. The sloping seat allows the stools to nest into each other and save precious floor space in an office. Lightweight but sturdy, the stool is easy to move around a room. On its feet, Flex Perch has gliders that work on both carpet and hard floors. As a result, users can quickly set up a collaborative workspace when needed by simply fanning out the nested stools in an office. Part of the larger Steelcase Flex office furniture series, the Flex Perch comes in five colors: red, dark blue, light blue, dark gray, and white. Photography © Steelcase.

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