A state-of-the-art coffee maker designed to maximize flavor.

Established in 1923, Tiger Corporation is a Japanese leader in vacuum and thermal control technology. The company produces home and kitchen appliances, but its technology of vacuum insulation has also been used in the transportation of samples via SpaceX rockets to the ISS. Now, the brand has introduced an innovative machine that aims to reinvent the home coffee brewing system. Named Siphonysta, this automated coffee maker uses what many experts consider to be the best brewing system: siphon coffee. The machine combines state-of-the-art technology with a user-friendly interface and a contemporary design to offer a convenient way to brew great tasting coffee at home or at the office.

Siphonysta uses both steam and vacuum techniques to extract all of the flavor from the coffee beans. As a result, it blends the depth of flavor of a French press with the clean body of pour-over coffee. Designed as a fully automated machine, Siphonysta offers complete control to the user. For example, users can easily adjust the coffee’s strength, bitterness and acidity. The machine then automatically controls the temperature and stirring as well as the brewing time to make the perfect coffee. Plus, Siphonysta creates an entire show of the brewing stage; the transparent cylinder offers a great view of both the steaming and the vacuum extraction. The coffee maker has no paper filter and thus delivers a smooth, clean, and full-bodied coffee.

The Tiger Corporation successfully launched Siphonysta through Kickstarter at prices that range from $399 to $650 for the super early bird and the standard packages, respectively. Currently, the company only ships to the US, with an estimated delivery for the first brewing machines set for December 2022. The campaign ends on May 18. Photography © Tiger Corporation.


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